*WITHDRAWN* WTS: Lumens Factory and SolarForce setups

WITHDRAWN due to lack of interest.

A couple of lights looking for a new home.
All will go out USPS Priority w/ tracking. US Only
PayPal only plz. Anyone interested, message me for payment info.

First up is my Lumens Factory setup. This one is mint.
You get the KL4 style 3 mode head with memory.
Warm White XP-L 90-CRI for 800 Lumens. 3.7v-9v.
It’s sporting their E Series body for 18650 use and a Surefire Z68 tailcap.
No battery included

:one: :zero: :five: ……… NOW 95

Next up is a cool SolarForce light. Condition is also excellent, no dents or dings. Just some slight anno wear around the L2 logo. See pic.
The clicky tailcap ring just gives this light the perfect feel.
It’s also sporting the extended battery tube for two 18650’s or 4 CR123’s (If your drop in can handle 12v)
Or you can just use 1 battery tube, lots of options here.
Also included is a Sportac Triple single mode drop in. Tint wise, it’s a bit warmer. Definitely not cool.
No batteries included

:one: :zero: :zero: ……. NOW 90

Prices have been adjusted.