(Withdrawn) WTT: Fenix E16 w/93+CRI Nichia 219B for Olight S-mini Ti Bead Blast

Looking to trade my Fenix E16 fitted with a Nichia NVSL219BT-V1 R9080 sw45K, for Olight S-mini Ti Bead Blasted.

Like the E16 for it’s size (truly the smallest non-mule light at only 52mm, despite what other brands have claimed),
Love the E16 (now) for it’s great hi-cri neutral tint and balance of hotspot/throw and spill,
… but the Hold for ON and Hold for OFF, while great for minimizing accidental turn-on’s, is not my preferred UI.

So if you have an S-mini Ti Bead Blast that you’d like to trade for something even smaller, hi-cri neutral tinted and that has a more traditional hotspot/spill reflector-like beam pattern (and don’t mind the Fenix UI), PM me.

The Fenix E16 (photo middle) in it’s excellent current condition.