For Sale Modded Super Thrower Trustfire T8/X7 De-Domed XM-L2 $75

This light is an Amazing thrower and it’s by far the farthest thrower I have owned. It simply crushes almost anything else around. The bottom of the reflector has been drilled out to properly focus the beam and the XM-L2 is De-Domed.

This is the light for sale on Lightmalls stock.


This is a thread regarding the light and how well it throws. I left the thread before I finished De-doming it. But it’s finished now and they were right it makes it have unreal throw. They estimated it at 250,000 to 300,000 Lux. I don’t have a lux meter to verify that claim with. I could have gone for more with a XP-G2 but I didn’t want it to have a pencil thin beam. I don’t have a lux meter but I can say it throws an unreal distance.


Shipping is free priority mail, Lower 48 only. If you want it shipped overseas I will but for most countries it will be an extra $25.

I’m selling it to buy the parts for a super super thrower. I going to try and hit 500K

First person to PM me gets it.

what kind of parts are you looking to get for your next thrower

Direct copper XM-L2 emitters and Trustfire T90 plus I’m going to buy some MG-T2’s on copper for a super flooder. Oh and did you see the thread on the Mystery SRK? I modded the battery carrier so now it’s in series and put in a much harder driver, don’t know what it was exactly though. Probably need a couple more drivers as well.

yeah i seen that... think im going to go master/slave on mine with a qlite... but not sure yet.

was just checking if i maybe had anything you needed for it lol. light sounds great

The TF T90 is a really great host, for anything really.
It uses 26650s, has a side switch and a 100mm head. Also it apparently uses a 8.5A driver stock which is pretty good :o

However! For 500kcd, I don’t think an XML2 will cut it. The TN31 with a 79mm head with an XPG2 makes something like 440kcd maximum. Good luck though, and it doesn’t take long to do an emitter swap if the XML2 doesn’t reach 500kcd, but the T90 is a really huge light, so you’d probably be able to drive the emitter up to 7A easy.

Thanks for the good luck, and I probably will need to do the XPG2 but I’ll find out. I still need to get a good lux meter though to know if I hit it or not.

are you gonna use the tf t90 for your mtg2 super flooder?

I thought about it at first but I read the results from another persons mod and changed my mind. Instead I’m going to do a MT-G2 Multi-emitter wall of light instead of throw.

I reduced the price on this to $70 and that is very cheap for an amazing thrower. I probably will not keep it listed much longer. Probably just an hour or two and then I’m going to pull the add.

I was gonna bite on this the other night, but another killer deal arose. And I’m still diggin the modded T-13. It throws much better than the stock version I have. I was thinking bout doing the same to that one too. What all was done with it? Just the de-domed xpg2 and braided copper on the springs? I noticed some real fine metal shavings (dust) falling out the hole on the driver board. I think you said something bout reflector being adjusted. I haven’t took the head or reflector off yet, so I could prob compare the 2. Was that part difficult?

I don’t think I messed with the reflector on that one. The hardest part is always at least for me centering the emitter. With the tiny XP-G2’s never does seem to get to 100% perfect but you can come close enough to work really well. Did I even de-dome that one? If not you should try the de-domed emitter in your other one, it will throw even farther just a smaller beam and more neutral tint. It’s an easy mod as far as they go. Just be extra careful with the de-domed ones. The tiny bond wires are now open so they can be damaged really easy.

If you ever get a chance to pick up a T8/X7 go for it. Modded they are freak shows. When you turn them on in-doors they don’t really seem like all that much because it’s not really a ton of lumens like the J-18 but once you find a place far enough to use it you will be blown away. It just seems to get brighter and brighter. That T18 can throw but it’s not even in the same ball park. In fact the T8 is just getting started at the range that the T18 can only touch a little bit of light to. Before I de-domed it and got everything just right it was an even match for my BTU shocker. But once I de-domed it and got the reflector right it blew right past the shocker. Trees that the shocker could only dimly light up you could put a hot spot on with the T8. Trees that the shocker couldn’t touch you can light up with the T8. I have a 65 watt HID and it throws as far as it does easy. Of course the HID and the Shocker both have flood too. The HID doesn’t have a real pretty beam it’s kinda wonky because the reflector is cheap. But it’s just so much light that it does it all and then some with brute force. It’s huge though.

I pulled the add last night because I wanted to play around with it and put a XP-G2 in it. I didn’t really care for it so I returned it to the way it was. I was right it was a little too small of a beam for my liking with the XP-G2 in it.

I might list it again but I think I’ll wait and see how well the next thrower I build turns out. If you change your mind later on down the road and want to buy it drop me a PM I might need some cash then too. You never know.

Ha I didn’t even look at the emitter up close til right now. You’re right it’s not de-domed. I had assumed it was since it threw so much better than the stock t6. I just removed the reflector on the one I got from you, and is the bottom of the reflector coated with something? Seems like it could short out on the emitter contacts very easily. Guess I should do a continuity check on it to find out before I reassemble it.