Withdrawn :)

Hi all,

Selling this modified Shadow. The host is mint.

XHP-35 HI on copper Sinkpad
FET driver 2.6A high ouput
5 mode custom dual switch UI
Powered by 4x 18350s ( not included)
Tan factory lanyard also included
1600 OTF lumens
203,000 lux

Trees are aprox 400ft.

Additional pictures and details about the build can be found here.


To the top.


Neat light. Looking forward to trying that led myself sometime


Nice work, bump for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support men.

Yeah im really surprised this is still here, especially with worldwide shipping inlcuded.

Wow, that looks like it might just throw a touchdown or hit a home run???

Great light and should be long gone. I will comment on my perception on why this great light is still here. This is purely my own conjecture and so please don’t take offense. Maybe a small discount for US shipping for psychological reasons? (It seems that if you are willing to send it overseas for perhaps significantly higher cost, then you may consider giving US buyers a small break in shipping?) Maybe increase the price and include batteries? (I have literally hundreds of 18650’s but only four 18350’s that are already in use. I am more likely to pay more rather than having going through the hassle of ordering just batteries.) Purely my personal opinion. Good luck with the sale.


can say something about the runtime of the modded TC500?



Hi Kenjii,

Run time on full power would be about 15-20 minutes. On the lowest mode about 45 hours