Wives can be so Unpredictable...

My wife came back from work this evening and asked me, “When are you going to order some more flashlights?”
I swear, you could’a knocked me over with a feather 0:)
(Usually it’s comments like, “What… not another flashlight again?”)

So what gives?

Apparently she’s really impressed by my new Tank007 E09 which I wrote about on this forum. She thinks it’s really cute :slight_smile: and would like me to order a few more. She wants to give them away as presents to a few of her close friends. Boy… I’ve been through quite a few lights but I never got this reaction before.
Just goes to show you never can tell….

Danger, Danger. Hold onto your wallet. There is probably something she is wanting to buy. Makes it easier for her to bring it up if she sees you have spent money on more lights lately. It has taken me years of marrage to two different women to learn this. In fact, I have used this trick/method in reverse on more than a few occasions. Worked like a charm with two of my latest lights. TK75 and EA4. When they go out and buy things they want, it’s like putting money in the bank for a light you may be wanting soon. In fact, after her latest shopping spree, I already have over $100 stored up for my next wanted but unneeded light. Problem is, I can’t decide which one to get. Problems, problems, problems.

Smells like a trap. Proceed with extreme caution.

Yep, sounds like you’re in trouble and there’s a shopping storm headed your way.

Mine was pretty upset with me about the cost of my custom Ti light. I just paid for it yesterday out of my business account and she was all “goody goody, it didn’t come out of our checking account. Thats ok” So now I’m wondering which direction the storm will come from and just how bad it will be. ( a good gauge of the strength of my own impending storm is the value of my custom light…$500)

Good luck!


I guess that I’m the opposite opinion. I think that it’s nice when this happens… a common interest. Just my opinion though…

I think it is nice too. :slight_smile:

I was just having fun.

hmm… that doesn’t sound good… she’s up to something big :wink:
beside if she wants to give her friends lights… she already taken few from your collections J)

shoot… i would be upset too if customTi cost $500, now on the other hand if you spend that much on custom TK75 :wink:

Kidding aside…. there is something to this… my wife feels my buying lights and crap makes her purchases seem less painful. I don’t really see it that way LOL but such is life.

DayLighter, look here to see why…https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/16806

And when you consider the facts….My daughter just got a $600 prom dress that will be worn once. Don’t know what she spent on hair, nails, shoes… for one night. Then it’s gone. I’d like to see her find her way around in the dark with that pouffy dress o hers! lol

Oh *THAT *light! Shit man. Wifey needs to bite her tongue on that one. That is a once in a lifetime thing. (at least for me it sure would be)

Perhaps if you get the colors she want’s, and find a way to engrave the friends name on them before gifting, you can get her to be a full accomplice in your search for the perfect light!

This might just work……

Mine doesn’t know about her Preon Pen Light in Midnight Blue (her favorite color) that’s sitting here waiting for mother’s day. :slight_smile:

i don’t see any custom Ti on that link…(?) please don’t tell me you spent $500 on custom UltraOK :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember correctly, you provided the material. So you were buying art services, not a light. Good luck with that line of argument! :slight_smile:

LOL you guys are too skeptical.

I’d just feel good about the fact that she appreciates the hobby. :steve:

Or is there something more to it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wait till you see the maternity ward bills… J)

Awww that’s messed up LOL :smiley:

I see opportunity here :D