WK41 Sirius Mini Review

Crappy handphone camera for reviw sorry guys! I’m using a Samsung Note 2

Okai today I have just received the WK41 from tatasal’s giveaway sponsored by Gearbest. Took 2 months plus to reach me after bugging their CS. Light was operational and there wasn’t any issues. Thanks Gearbest for the resolve.

Product came in a padded envelope but the box it came with was really nice with a magnetic cover.
And “Oooh its shiny! Gold and black! Classy!”

Inside we get the light and removable clip installed and a landyard.

After unpacking

The light itself

The light next to a KP 14500 800mAh

The protrusions near the head works as an anti-roll if the clip were to be removed but the clip helps with the anti-roll a lot more.

Another shot of the clip


The LED was slightly off center but it was not much of a problem as the beam profile was not affected, plus it was an OP reflector.

Electronic switch cover with XTAR logo…

Underside of light with ‘Hot Surface’ warning

Reverse polarity protection

These aren’t square threaded threads but they came sufficiently lubed and smooth!

Comparing the reflector next to my other only single AA light the EA11, its smaller and its using the older XM-L led. Smaller reflector and slimmer. Length is pretty much the same.

Output didn’t really impress me at 300 rated lumens. So I gave it to my Dad and he was happy with it :smiley:

+Has very usable mode spacing
+Ano was perfect
+Lube was sufficient
+Really light compared to the EA11
+Removable clip
+Floody with a little bit of throw

-Last generation XM-L
-Lumen output is not very impressive at 300
-Cool white tint(may be a pro to others)
-E-switch(I don’t like to lock-out my lights. I prefer them RTR)
-Price a little steep considering the meh output

I will recommend this light if the price was right. If it was $10-20 cheaper I will heavily recommend this for the superb ano and build! I am disappointed with the output. Interface is really easy and modes are really usable. Low is really nice. Not moonlight but a couple times brighter! Unusable in the day kind of output.

Please ask away if you guys want anny more info or if I left anything out :slight_smile:

How stiff is the switch?
It appears to protrude just higher than the light body—how far does the switch protrude? And do you feel it has a low potential for accidental activation in a

The switch isn’t very stiff but its much nicer than a Spark e-switch. The Spark has less travel and it doesn’t give me a the feeling that i actually clicked and activated the light. Its pretty much like the switch on a Convoy L4 but with a silicone cover. And yes, even though it does protrude, its ever so little. I did let it ride a bit in my pocket but the button wasn’t facing my thigh nor was it facing the fabric of my jeans so it didn’t turn on. The clip is very stiff and has difficulty rotating the light around. So I don’t think it will activate accidentally…
Hope it answers your question :slight_smile: