Wolf eyes,Sunwayman,Surefire sale

Hey guys, medical bills piling up,so some lights gotta go. First is Wolf eyes seal hunter kit in great shape with an optional tatilcap with tapeswitch for rifle mount(original box included)asking $140.00. Next is Sunwayman V10r ti with a Steve Ku tritium switch(blue) also box and original switch. This is a user,and has hairline scratches.Asking $130.00. Next is a Surefire centurion C3,a user with scratches and rubs,has a solarforce head and a 2 stage thrunite drop-in and a new Surefire tail switch. I will include the old switch and I have the original box,instructions,lanyard and ring. Asking$130.00.Next is is nitrolon g2 in great shape with 6p incan module asking $30.00,for another $20.00,I have a Surefire P60L if you want both. Last is Surefire Z32 black bezel in perfect shape with an Oveready led coversion kit. Asking $25.00. All prices are shipped,and the first “i’ll take it”posted here,gets it. CONUS shipping and paypal only please. I would be glad to e-mail you pictures due to Photobucket problems and Imgur not working. Thanks for looking and PM questions you may have.

I am blf photo posting challenged also.

it might work if you find generic photos and then explain how it looks different if at all?


DARCANGEL, what problem are you having with Imgur?

It's working fine for me.

Ronin42, here's a guide to posting images on BLF:


I’ll take the Sunwayman V10R Ti with Steve ku switch

RC,Imgur won’t show any images on the BLF site,it shows as broken link. I will probably have to try again. SWM spoken for pending payment from Ozythemandias.

Sunwayman is sold,thank you.

Are you using Imgur's Direct Link?

Yep pasted link from my clipboard to BLF and when i preview is shows as broken.

Some ISP blocking imgurr

Try postimage.org

Btw, good luck with sell. Nice light for sure over there

Thanks xxx, i knew something was not right with it, i’ll try it out and thanks for the well wishes.

Got the Sunwayman, very pleased, thank you.

Glad you like it,enjoy.