Wondering what everyone on the forum thinks of this?

Wondering what everyone on the forum thinks of this box for storing my flashlight collection?



Looks promising. Will you be using foam to keep the lights from scratching each other? Are they expensive?

Toughlove Honesty Time:
It looks like a rattling clutter collecting lens smasher to me, nevermind the driver-killing static electricity. If you don’t want your stuff being randomly mixed about, you might get a slab of gray foam & cut out holes for the important things, but as depicted, I’d wager you’ll have it in the back of your junk closet or car trunk, full of rags & gloves, within a year. At a minimum, I’d think rotating it 90° every time you pick it up will mean everything inside will get tumbled & when you lay it flat for opening, you’ll notice a gap at your side which you will be inclined to fill with more clutter.

Sorry. I, too, wish I could find a “perfect” simple, effective storage box; most-especially for my sets of tools. SWMBO has bought several, some quite expensive, all of which end up either broken in the trash or donated to someone else.

One solution SWMBO & I hit on may help you: We got some light canvas cloth painter’s tarps at the local hardware store. For example, my set of metric combination wrenches makes a bundle about “that” size. She cut a section of tarp & sewed it up like a big envelope to hold the bundle “that” size of metric combination wrenches. I toss the lot into the “envelope”, wrap it up with the flap around it all, fasten a piece of Nylon cordage at the edge of the flap to tie the bundle up and Bob’s yer Uncle. Ditto for the SAE combination wrenches, for the ratchet sets, for the pliers/cutters/vice-grips, for the screw-and-nut-drivers, etc. The bundles drop into a zip-closed canvas bag. Her OCD Pack Rat is satisfied & I can get to any of my tools whenever I need them. Mischief Managed! We haven’t yet figured out how to make this work for carpentry/home-repair tools, and your post has inspired me (thank you) to figure out how to make it work for the electronics tools; but it’s a start…

Hope this helps…

There are all kinds of hard cases with padding in them, look on ebay for ideas. The ones with the blocked foam can be customized to fit each light. If not, then possibly a simple soft case with many pockets. A bare case might be a bad thing for flashlights.