World's Most Beautiful Flashlight

MarsFire 638


Not sure even its mother thinks it is pretty, mostly odd looking to me.

Looks like it has “large switch section” desease or syndrome.

look like jetbeam display series :zipper_mouth_face:

almost a cubist’s dream

Had the same look on my face as the little girl in post #3 when I first saw it.

Looks like a war hammer.

with the ugly stick.
It is the ugly stick :Sp

Uh…let’s agree to disagree, Southland! lol

I read the thread title and immediately thought to myself, there is only one light that could claim that title! Only to find out it was actually about one of the world’s worst looking lights. hahaha

Anybody in for a group buy, it’s XP-G2 plus it’s a 5 mode with SOS and strobe. Could probably get the price down to around $36-$38.

Could you post a link to your nominee?

WW2 hand grenade :bigsmile:

Not even Shiny !

When I saw the thread title I thought shiny and pretty, like the Apex ST6
Maybe I need beer goggles.

it reminds of something i can’t quite remember but will eventually come to me

Not even close to being a contender for most beautiful on this page never mind the world. Everyone to his own taste though.

A few people think I am serious, LOL.