Would it help to have a thread about...

About some of the basics for modding, like which type of reflector do I use?

Let's say we wanted a "Thrower". What is a thrower? I would think something with a fairly small spot that would reach out a long ways, with just a little spill around the spot. What type of reflector is needed for that?

What about a "Flooder"? A light that floods a large area up close but does not reach out a long ways. What type of reflector is needed for that?

Why smooth and Orange Peel reflectors?

See what I mean? Do we need a thread where we discuss the basic things to think about before trying to build a light.

What are the best leds for throwers and flooders and why are they best? What is the optimum size reflector for an XP-G, XM-L, XR-E, etc.? I mean how much surface area is needed to optimize the output of the emitter?

Would it help newer people if they had a place to find out those things in one thread instead of searching for bits and pieces in forums for weeks on end?

I think it would be better to have something shown how to sandwich drivers which fevers wrk best for this and that a such ,diagrams ,pics,etc.

Maybe do a basic mod thread and make it a sticky or group of stickies. Like simple stuff like how to measure amp draw at the tailcap, replace leds, P60 dropin DIY, Mag mods, stuff like that. Maybe have basic write up on drivers and such. Could add to it as we go and take volunteers for different parts. Ill do a Mag mod or P60 this weekend if you guys want.

And may I add, the meaning of commonly used words that new to this, make the missus really angry hobby, dry, potted, buck, boost, buck boost etc that dont really mean a thing to the uninformed. Most meanings can be found by seaching, but if it was in the one easy to find spot on this forum I feel would be a great help to the art of modding..

For basic flashlight terminology this can be helpful http://flashlight-wiki.com/Terminology

Thanks Hikelite. I have that one bookmarked but some words just aren't there. Keeps you looking though as it's all good.

all great ideas^^^ i would like to have pics on how to find out how many amps my drivers are pushing and a DIY driver list with pics on what drivers can be soldered together to make "for say" 5amps

like Old Lumens mentioned about reflectors would be nice to, like deep smooth reflectors makes the led throw far ect...........

All of the above are great ideas.

Now someone just has to do them :-)

This is a great source and a good place for anyone to start.

I for one would like some really well documented pics & diagrams on how to slave drivers together.

This is one example but, maybe it's just me, but it could be just a bit more clear (or not)

that is a good example because i have to build one lol and its hard to see the lines on the drivers...well for me anyways

I think this would be good, what are the characteristics of these codes...may be obvious to some people...but I could not find it clearly explained anywhere...(clear to me). Someone told me to read the Flashlight Wiki...LOL.

Exactly my problem with that particular diagram. The lines are too thin and hard to see. Perhaps I will work on it and redo it to my liking.

So, I should start a thread designed to be a catch all for data like this. Now of course is the problem of getting people to use it by posting their knowledge.

I will have to think on that a few....

I feel it needs to be done, wiki has some stuff, but it's not complete. Maybe I just ask for people to submit wiki entries?


i tried to post a image of it but would not work from photobucket ?

I like the idea of stickies on different topics. I started out without any basic knowledge of electricity, electronics, batteries or flashlights. Simple things (to others) that I have had to spend hours researching include:

Basic Battery Information - Sizes, chemistries, Pros & Cons, Capacity, Internal Resistance, Sources, Measuring Voltage, etc.
Multimeters, Battery Testers, etc.
Measuring Amp Draw
Basic trouble shooting, including prepping threads, tightening pills, improving heatsinking, etc.

I’ve been spending time at the flashlight-wiki site. There really is a lot of info on there if time is taken to go through it all. Even how to make a P60 drop-in is there.

Maybe if knowledgeable members would want to add to the wiki (brted is that a valid idea?), it would be a one stop for most of the info needed. Other than that, you are probably right about getting members to make threads about specifics, like how to do the Master/slave of the 7135 boards (I am going to try to write something up on it. I have been conversing with techjunkie on it) and maybe other members who really know this stuff well should think about taking the time to pick a topic and make a thread to be stickied. I think there's been a link floating around for a long time about how to test a flashlight with a multimeter.

Maybe one sticky should be "Links helpful to Modders" or something like that, where we can just post links to valuable info. I've got a bunch of them saved and I'm sure others do too. Maybe that would work??