Would this Trustfire 12x LED even be good as a host?


So I was trawling thru eBay having been inspired by The Retard and ran across the above light. Now right off the bat I assume that the LEDs are 100% fake, but for use as a host, I wouldn’t care if they’re even included.

The seller has a decent rep - for the price, would it be worth getting as a host, or do ya’ll see any red flags? The price is really low, but eBay and Paypal tend to protect the buyer.

I don’t even know how I’d mod it at the moment, but it seems like a good solid host with a decent amount of mass in the head. Maybe 4x XHP70s with individual reflectors, or a mule?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I was just thinkin while bored and ya’ll know how dangerous that can be! :wink:

I’ve been thinking about this as a single XHP70 with a LUM 5-90 reflector.

Make a copper pill, have someone make a screw on head extender that will work similar to the Courui D01 mod that uses camera lense parts.

Maybe that will be one of Old Lumens’ future mods if he’s up to it? If anyone was going to make a Courui D01 from hell, it would be Old Lumens.

Yes, it would be a good host but it will need some work to hot rod. The led shelf is a little thin, added copper on the back would help. JB weld also seems to work well as a heat absorbing material. So if you could get copper shot and scrap mixed with the JB weld then packed into the under side of the led shelf and I think yo could go near nuke on a hot rod mod. If its an led up grade with a modest boost then I think you’ll be happy.

If you wouldn’t mind building up a copper shelf, you could possibly mount some triple XP-L Noctigons and Carclo optics.

I figure mounting 5-6 of the triples would be quite easy to fit given the size of the head, but quite a bit of work to build up the shelf depending on the difference in depth of the stock reflector and the Carclo.

I wonder why they’re $56 when the next cheapest is $63, and they ususally go for ~$75-80 for the bare light.

Hi. I imagine they are still making a profit at that price. It may even have fake XM-L's which would increase the profit margin. Mine had fake XP-L's.

I agree with putting a copper disk behind the led shelf. I wouldn't call the shelf thin for stock, but you would want to make it thicker if you soup it up with 12 emitters. The one I have has enough room to put a copper disk on top of the shelf. The reflector doesn't reach the lens or O-ring behind the lens on mine. It's an OK light, but you will wish it had a side switch the moment you pick it up.