Would you buy a light with this user interface?

This does not exist! I am hoping to get enough Positive reactions to inspire someone to write the code for this interface.

I have been dreaming of the perfect E switch user interface since the Novatac 120P, Liteflux LF5XT, Nitecore D10 days. They all had some of the things I want. Shortcuts. Ramping. Level spacing. Momentary. Memory. etc. But one light didn’t have them all.
Time passed. Zebralight, Olight, Maglite, HDS ,Nitecore, Armytek and others were tried, Most were usable and had many neat features I liked. But again not one light had all I wanted. Then I found this site. And was blown away that there were members that wrote the codes for user interfaces. There are some amazing interfaces born from this site. I am putting my dream interface here in hopes someone will give it life.

If you like lights based on there UI please give this UI a look and let me know what you think. I have based the lumen levels on a triple or quad EDC light. For a single emitter light the upper levels may need dropped down. I would love this UI in an Emisar D4 a Skilhunt H03 headlamp, or maybe even the FW3A when it get finished.

Stepped ramping(up/down) based UI with the following groups(G4-G7 could be considers modes)

G1 ml 1 2 4 9 18 37 75 150 300 600
G2 3 6 12 25 50 100 200 400 800 .5max max
G3 fast strobe—slow strobe—beacon—bike flasher—constant on
G4 Squeeze light. P (hold) for light, release returns to off or G1,G2,G3,G6,G7. Power cycle to exit. Disables all but P
G5 Squeeze Strobe P (hold) for G3 mode, if G3 is constant on it defaults to strobe. Power cycle to exit. Disables all but P
G6 Auto Off. .5 5 15 30 minutes(dim flashes) 1 2 4 8 hours(bright flashes) . 1248-1248-constant. Start after no action, ramps down to off. Constant for Off. Is remembered.

G7 Battery check 8-1(scaled) or voltage reading. Fun stuff from ToyKeeper-breathing light, candle, storm, etc

C=Click(tap) P=Press(hold) CP=click press, tap release hold. Number= number of clicks.

From OFF
C last level from G1,G2,G3
P ramps up from G1
CP .5max or Max or fast strobe. CP is not remembered as last mode if light is turned off.
2C last level in G2
3C last level in G3
4C last level in G4
5C last level in G5
6C last auto off timer indicator
7C Last mode from G7
8CP locks light into G1, disables CP (.5max-Max) May add G6. 8CP to exit

CPP ramps up .5 max max fast strobe. Release second P to lock your choice.
2CP ramps up from G2
3CP ramps up mode group G3
4CP ramps up brightness level for G4. After 3 seconds of no ramping it Locks.
5CP ramps up G3 mode group. If G3 is constant on defaults to strobe. After 3 seconds of no action it locks. (see 5C)
6CP ramps up G6 flash indicators
7CP ramps up G7

From ON
C Turns light off
P Ramps G1,G2,G3,G6,G7 Ramps up. Ramps down.
CP Short cut to .5max or max or fast strobe
2C Toggles between G1 and G2. Returns light to last G1,G2 from G3,G6,G7.
3C Inters G3. If in G3 toggles between Brightness ramp and modes ramp.
4C Inters G4. Light will be locked at last 4C level.
5C Inters G5 Light will be locked at last 5C level and mode. If in 5CP(ramping) 5C toggles between Modes and levels ramps.
6C Inters G6 Light will blink the last used timer, or be constant on for timer OFF
7C Inters G7 Light will be in the last used mode.

CPP ramps up .5max max fast strobe. Release second P to lock your choice.
2CP ramps up from G2.
3CP ramps up mode group G3.
4CP ramps up brightness level for G4. After 3 seconds of no ramping it Locks.
5CP ramps up G3 mode group. If G3 is constant on defaults to strobe. After 3 seconds of no action it locks. (see 5C)
6CP ramps up G6 flash indicators
7CP ramps up G7

Light will also have features not listed, like LVP and Thermal Protection.

If you made it this far thank you for taking a look. If you have questions , PLEASE ask. If you would like to see this be created please say so. If you don’t like it, let me know why. If your a genius and what to make this happy. Please do!

Its 4am I have been up 22 hours. There may be some mistakes, there may be typo’s

There are some crap photos of the UI’s diagram in this thread. Any UI code writers, modders for hire $$$ ?

WHY? I think every situation has the perfect amount of light. Any single speed light works great for certain things, but many other thing they fall short. This UI will allow you to quickly adjust the light for up to 4 different situations without having to get out a manual or go online searching for a PDF file.

Example #1. Your a low levels lover, that likes to leave your light on ml next to your night stand and use it for trips to the toilet.

From OFF> P to the lowest level in G1. If its not bright enough to reach your floor while walking, Easy just P (press) and light will go to next level of G2. When your back to your nightstand detail, a short P fallowed by a P will ramp you back down to your lowest G1 level. Congratulations you just learned to P :smiley:

You want more? I do! Same situation

From OFF> Press to the lowest level in G1. Then CCP to ramp up from bottom of G2 you now have a sub lumen level for night stand and a double click for 3 lumens when you need more light. Save you toes. CC toggles between each of these levels. You still have CP for an intruder and 3C to set your favorite way.
Only thing you need to add to your memory is 2C toggles between your 2 favorites, P programs your first, CCP programs the second.

You want more? I do! Same situation above. But this time, you don’t wanna double click. Easy.

From OFF> P press to lowest level in G1. Then 4CP to ramp up the Squeeze light to your liking. Wait couple seconds.
Now you have your nightstand light, and a press will take you to your save you toe’s level, release returns to nightstand duty. No matter how tired you are you cant blind yourself without power cycling.
You will need to add 4CP to your memory for this one. 4C Squeeze light. Oh and power cycle to exit.

You want more? I do! Same situation. 6C and ramp up to your Auto off timer of choice and. Now your night light will be turned off when you get up in the morning. (Daylight comes in the window, I forget my light is on. Not with this UI)
You will need to add 6C(AutoOFF) to your memory.

You have now figured out the majority of this UI. You know how to P and you know how to 2C.
What did I say about an intruder. CP. Ok your doing so well I tell you more. CP.
From OFF-ON>CPP holding the last P- light will cycle between half max, Max and Max strobe. Release and its remembered.
As long as your not in a Squeeze mode this UI will take care of an intruder with a CP . CP level is only remembered at CP.
a 2C will take you back to your last G1 or G2 level. As will another 2C.

Ok, Now we have gotten you through the night without stubbing your toe. And we dealt with any Intruders. Your off to work. So you bike to work. I didn’t know that but this UI is for you.

From OFF-ON >3CP to ramp from Fast strobe, strobe speed decreases to a beacon, then constant light with a fast strobe a few levels brighter ramp up and down to find your desired flash speed then 3C to toggle to the Brightness ramp. P up and down to find your desired brightness.
Get pedaling , this can be adjusted on the fly with a 3C and a P. C to off, 2C to last G1G2 level. Next time you 3C it will be at your last used flasher speed and brightness.

I am so glad you made it to work. So what do you do for a living, do you need a light to flip burgers? Sorry bad joke.
Lets say your an electricians helper. And your boss has you in dark places pulling wires. How will you set up your light. Your way. That is how. Because this light can do it and do it easy. With a few Cs and a few Ps this light can quickly be set up for total darkness adapted eyes, to looking under a house during a bright sunny day. Your boss is impressed with your light skills, You get a raise, and buy a car. No more bike flasher for you. Late one night your new rides battery takes a crap. Your light can handle it.
You 4CP to Squeeze mode and ramp to a very bright level. Then you use mores code to signal a plane of your situation and your location. Help is on the way.

More Examples??

Reserved for how to use

My brain hurts. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t buy it. Wayyyyy to complicated. No offense intended, but the diagrams for this UI look like a Rube Goldberg design.

Well it’s definitely user friendly. :person_facepalming:

Nope, much too complicated.

To all you guys saying no, would you buy a Zebralight based off the text description only? We all pretty much know the ZL UI by now so it’s not really a fair comparison but if you have zero knowledge (and no way to YouTube) would you buy a ZL based on the written description of its UI? I sure as hell wouldn’t…

I learned long time ago not to eleminate a light from my wish list based on what seems like an overly complicated UI in the text form! Zebra, lights with NarcelM & bistro and other popular BLF created FW can all sound crazy hard to use in text but are actually simple to operate and very feature rich.

I never cared for Zebralight in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I’m game to try any UI at least once. I have never gotten rid of a light because of the UI. I have decided not to buy lights based on the UI however. I was lucky enough to get the Q8 UI working to my liking. I still think the mode based part of the UI is stupid. The 1.2sec lock in and you have to go back before you go forward is just counter intuitive.

I’d give this UI a try though. Hell you never know. It could be very easy to use once a finished UI diagram is implemented.

Might look busy, but many of the C’s and CP’s are same from on or OFF.

What are you using now single speed? Please let me know your favorite user interface Give me a change to compare…
I understand some folks like simple 3 speed lights, and so do I sometimes.

This light does that.

That is fare. Thanks for you input. This UI is not for everyone. In my head its easier to navigate then any other programmable light out there.

I would gladly compare this with your current UI

Actually I recognize my first post as rather short-sighted, and apologize for it :blush: After all, I use Biscotti, and for all of my exclusive usage of the super simple 4-level mode group 8, sometimes I feel the firmware as a whole could have more functions. More options is always good, because they’re exactly that: options.

So I change my vote: if the torch featuring it were not too expensive, I’d be willing to give it a shot.

I would definitely try your UI.
I think it would really help chadvone if you made one of those nice little flowing cheatsheets like here.
I think more people could see just how it works. Being honest, the text UI above, I kind of get lost myself.

Thanks for your input. What program is being used for those cheatsheets? My PC has 3d paint. Gave me a head ache.

I am going to try to make a better cheatsheet, showing just how easy it can be.

Examples added to second post. Tell me how your using your light now. Let me try and sell you this UI.

I would buy a light that has two modes, low and high.
The rest is unnecessary gimmicks.

Then your in luck. This UI has 2 modes. Your chosen LOW and Your chosen HIGH. You don’t need to do anything more to enjoy your 2 modes after you first set them up.

C CC P is all you you need to remember.