Would you buy a light with this user interface?

Actually I recognize my first post as rather short-sighted, and apologize for it :blush: After all, I use Biscotti, and for all of my exclusive usage of the super simple 4-level mode group 8, sometimes I feel the firmware as a whole could have more functions. More options is always good, because they’re exactly that: options.

So I change my vote: if the torch featuring it were not too expensive, I’d be willing to give it a shot.

I would definitely try your UI.
I think it would really help chadvone if you made one of those nice little flowing cheatsheets like here.
I think more people could see just how it works. Being honest, the text UI above, I kind of get lost myself.

Thanks for your input. What program is being used for those cheatsheets? My PC has 3d paint. Gave me a head ache.

I am going to try to make a better cheatsheet, showing just how easy it can be.

Examples added to second post. Tell me how your using your light now. Let me try and sell you this UI.

I would buy a light that has two modes, low and high.
The rest is unnecessary gimmicks.

Then your in luck. This UI has 2 modes. Your chosen LOW and Your chosen HIGH. You don’t need to do anything more to enjoy your 2 modes after you first set them up.

C CC P is all you you need to remember.

All the other electronics necessary for all the programming simply wastes space on a PCB and also complicates the circuitry, making it more expensive to produce and also more prone to failure.
I’ve had even simple drivers malfunction before because cold temperatures were messing with the mode switching circuitry.
A foolproof no-BS design is cheaper and more reliable.

Yes the photos of the flow chart are crap. I warned you.

No offense taken, . What are you using now that makes this UI seam Wayyyyy to complicated a match?

Yeah, I can tell you like it foolproof no-BS

If you don’t like that is fine, You have stated you don’t like it. Please don’t start a war in this thread.

I’m literally just answering your question with why I wouldn’t buy it.
Nobody is starting any war.
Calm down.

If anything it’s you who’s getting overly defensive about your design which most people don’t like.
I don’t see why bringing up other topics I’ve made in the past has any relevance to this conversation.
Was that your weak attempt at a personal attack?

I am sorry Enderman. Thank you for letting me know why you don’t like this UI.

This is the UI in its simplest layer. Stepped ramping with two lumen output level groups G1 and G2. It allows your to access 22 different outputs with just a few Cs and Ps. The ramping speed will be fast enough to reach your level quickly but slow enough you can count them off so you know where you are.

From off.

A Click takes you to last lumen level used, either G1 on the Left or G2 on the Right
A Press ramps up the steps from G1 ML,1,2,4,9,18,37,75,150,300,600
A ClickClick takes you th the last lumen level used in G2 only
A ClickClickPress ramps you up from the bottom of G2
From on.
A Click turn it off
A Press ramps up from the level you in. Release Press to change directions.
A ClickClick Jumps from G1 level to G2 level.
Off on On
A ClickClickPress will ramp up from the bottom of G2 on the right.
Click Press will take you to your choice of .5max,Max, or Max Strobe.

Seems like many of the features you’re looking for are implemented by MELD - it can be used for lights with just white or white plus an alternate emitter (UV, red, etc.) by disabling the colors, or I can provide chips with my optimized single-channel version of the firmware. Here’s my UI description video if you want to check it out: MELDv2.13 flashlight firmware overview - YouTube

That is a sweet UI. I have seen that video. At one time I had it memorized. I have forgotten it now.

Here is G3 simplified the best I can. Basically its a Ramping strobe speed. That goes to Bike flasher-constant on with strobe overlaid . Then just a constant on. Constant on can be used just like 2C but you get all the Steps.
3CP from anywhere but the squeeze functions ramps up from bottom right. Another 3CP while on the right ramps up from the bottom left.

If you like ramping drivers G3 can be used on its own. Once you 3C, set to constant one, 3c again to have full ramping steps. It is remembered.

Eliminating G4. Making G5 any function.

Working on flow wheel.

i would probably set it on g1 or g2 [the constant-multiplier-step ones] and leave it
i would need to be very fast though
i would also like it to have some way to go back one step - like a long press for instance


In my head reversing is handled buy short press then long press.

P will ramp the step it is in first. So short press stays for a moment, then another longer P reverses. I was going to add to video but my camera was ready to shut down. There are other things not in the video.

update. Gonna try it on my own.

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