Would you consider a Convoy flashlight remote control (pressure switch)?

There must be decent quality pressure switches out there that can serve as donors.
Selling spare convoy tailcaps would help. I thought Simon would have them available.

It would be best if he could sale tail end but without hole for rubber boot (like standard switch has) then I could drill appropriate hole and it would be easier to make pressure switch. With classical tail I have to find something to close that hole, somehow or find someone with a lathe to make me a pvc plug… too complicated and involves additional costs.
In the end I will have to find some other C8 flashlight that supports regular and already available pressure switches.

best to sell only spare tail

And here is what Simon says about spare tails:

Only way to make pressure switch is to buy another complete light and use only tail part, which is pretty stupid.
So, guys, any recommendations for suitable replacement C8 light, equal quality, equal price but with normal threads so any available C8 pressure switch could be used?

Maybe Eagle eye C8( but it has 10% less throw, tested already): its quality is as Convoy c8: yet we have to ask the producer about that tail cap issue

Personaly i dont use remote switch anymore, but many ppl still use it, so its convinient at some point( for some ppl)


Find a good machinist m8, its the most easy and reliable way do craft those- a Convoy C8 combatible threat isnt that spendy or hard to do job- my machinist usualy takes 13( or something) euros per 10 remastered tail threats

Thicks and reliable cables on the other hand are definately an issue

The other bad news for Eu tuners is that TME has stopped dealing with end customers…

I am interested, but a weapon mounted light endures a lot of stress and the springs are usually the first parts to go. So the switch should be serviceable or have mod potential (better spring)

Well, I don’t know any machinist as “wanna grab a beer after work” that would do this job for me on a frendly basis so most of them, when they see what I need just say “oh, that’s a too small job, too much time to set up the late, don’t have a time for that, too busy now, call me next month” or they ask ~5€/piece that’s 50€ for 10 pcs :open_mouth: which is unacceptable of course.
So my only option is to find a better C8 that will support remote pressure switch without any lathe work.
Don’t know how is elsewhere but over here all hunters that I know like the Convoy quality but without pressure switch flashlight is pretty much useless to them, not just Convoy but any flashlight that does not support remote pressure switch.

P.S. not sure who or what “TME” is, but if it is bad for you it’s bad for me.

Well, me too waiting about a year for the c8 remote switch… Still hoping he develops one…


Was a good place to order for an end user before they believed they are bigger than Mouser or Digikey :bigsmile: …they have some interesting stuff though…no wonder they can change their policy soon,
You can make a corporate account too…i do this when i am ina desperate need of atinny13s or something :slight_smile:

A good option is UF1505 with a C8 pressure switch btw