Would you consider a Convoy flashlight remote control (pressure switch)?

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What type of remote do you mean? Wired pressure switch?

but with higher quality to follow convoy “standards”!

You mean like this U.S. Army flashlight in the 1960s?


I asked soooo many times Simon about that…he said he is developing an universal Convoy pressure switch( tha was likea year ago though) , but his problem was that he couldnt find good enough thick cable for it….

I will be glad if Convoy sells only spare tail buttons or just spare tails( naked)

Atm i am forced to use standars C8 pressure switches - modified ofc

Same here, I am bothering him with this subject almost a year, same response, can’t find good coiled wires :frowning:
I also thought to buy additional tail assembly without the switch, find some cheaper remote switches and use connectors or something like that.
Main goal of this poll is to collect more interest and hopefully more motivation for Simon.

BTW, would you send me an PM about which “standard C8 pressure switches” are you using and does the threads fit. If modification of threads is needed thats something I can not do.

Yeah, i am buying those from Ali in mass( 2.3$ each), then i change the thread, no other way- its not that hard though
For the 3+amp versions of the C8 i buy a custom thick wire for the remote switch from TME, but its spendy- even with a thick remote cable the max i am able to get is like 3.8amps whitch is okay for a XPG2 baced C8, but not a XML one

I have an idea of developing wireless remote switch with all electronic fitted inside of standard tail assembly but unfortunately my knowledge of electronic developing is at a level 1 (on a scale 0 to 1000) so all I have is just an idea how would I like it to look and work…

Well it would brings aditional resistance in the emittery battery circuit and it wont be cheap enough i put some thought about that matter too

Plus, you cant rely upon that especialy when the fl is mounted on a weapon- you never know what could trigger the flashlight this way .

So, i prefect the old mechanical way, unfortunately Simon dont offer tail assembly only

here is what needs to be made for your chinese weapon lights http://www.ebay.com/itm/Surefire-XM07-Weaponlight-Switch-Module-Switch-Module-St07-Tape-Switch-/381411031976?hash=item58cdde7ba8 It has a push button in case you lose or destroy, or just don’t need the pressure pad?

110$ ? Its not CPF m8, for that ammount of money one could get Olight M2X UT + Olight Original remote switch plus 2 Convoy c8 light :wink:

Had the same issues with thin wires so I made 2016 coin cell powered MOSFET remote switch.


No shit this is not CPF? :bigsmile: It’s NOT the money although they are worth it in my opinion! :wink: It’s the design - what needs to be made for your “chinese”weapon lights, plug in pressure pad switch and push button? Not just some wire coming out the back to a pad? Get it? I mount my Surefire weapon lights at 3 o’clock and use my thumb around the fore grip to actuate the push button. I have also mounted them at 6 o’clock and used my index finger too? But having pressure pad with the push button back up could be a life saver hunting dangerous Game?If you rip the wire out the back of the light? Got it! :slight_smile: Oh and Surefire Guarantees them for LIFE!

But will they take 25A plus? A 500S&W handgun is a better backup than a Surefire.

Sorry, but is there a big need to bother Simon for this? I’m just glad he did the blue S2+ and a new L2.

Buy a random pressure switch and transfer the components over to the convoy tail. Add a couple nylon washers if needed to fill space. If you need a flat silicone washer, cut the button out of a silicone tailcap. I think we just need a how-to.

Also Simon may have trouble creating a pressure switch that is up to convoy standards at a price he can sell. Perhaps no quality coiled cable he can find at a workable price. I think the poll should be “How much would you pay for a convoy pressure switch”.

I’ll pay for quality, and in something like this I’d want nothing less so price is secondary to me.


too bad you didn’t finish the thread of the project. I also thought about maybe a solid state switch instead of a mechanical, but i’m not sure if i’m up to constructing one, since i don’t have any need for one

Unless you make a mechanical version (like a bike break) you are going to always have the problem of increased resistance. From what I have seen the $3 502B versions you can get from China work as well as the Surefire ones. Which is to say they turn the light on and off momentarily but also with a ton of resistance. But of course it’s a momentary turn on, not a true clicky switch. I have made a half dozen of these with actually clicky switches and heavy gauge wire. In my opinion that is the better way to go. Unless you like playing Rambo with the switch in your teeth it’s preferable to be able to actually turn your light on and off, change modes remotely, leave it on or off and have your hands free at the same time. Mount the clicky switch right in front of your trigger guard so it’s convenient to use, that is what I have done for a few of my diehard hunting friends.

So sure if he could make ones with actual trigger guard mountable clicky switches with heavy gauge wire I would buy some. Save me a lot of time building them.

Mine was basically the same idea as this one with pressure switch added. Consists of a Mosfet, bleed resistor, coin cell and a pressure switch. Resistance was near nada. Used the same Mosfet and bleed resistor less coin cell (used main) for the switch on my 4D Tenergy 10,000mah powered PT120.



I did buy random pressure switches, they ended up being 100% junk material.
I would make my own pressure switch if Simon would sale tailcap assembly with retaining ring and pcb but without the switch, also, only tool that I have is a dremel so… can’t do wonders with it. I would rather buy nice and good quality PS from Simon.