Wow! Best Deals Ever on FandyFires?

Wow! Unbelievable prices on these lights. I always wanted the FandyFire Rook and Queen, but always thought they were overpriced. I already have a SkyRay King, but was curious to see if the FandyFire was really identical. At that price, it was worth a shot.

Anyway, I took a risk and placed an order at a new merchant: Order placed 11/20 - I’ll keep y’all posted!

Here is my order invoice (with 10% off with promo code GOTECH applied):

1. FandyFire UV-S5 Cree XM-L T6 1800LM Flashlight (4 x 18650)
SKU 1057203

$45.00 ($4.50) 1 $40.50

2. FandyFire ROOK Cree XM-L T6 635LM 3-Mode White Light Flashlight
SKU 1057500

$28.90 ($2.89) 1 $26.01

3. FandyFire Queen Cree XM-L T6 635LM 5-Mode LED Flashlight
SKU 1057400

$35.90 ($3.59) 1 $32.31

Shipment Total: $98.82

Interesting… I’d like to see how this turns out. The site looks really good, hopefully the service follows suit.

The FandyFire version IMO is better than the Skyray original. :wink:

Hey thanks for the heads-up!! Just bookmarked the site. Please feel free to keep us posted on the transaction!!

Hey youre not too far away from me. I live in Palo Alto, 10 minutes from Stanford.

We’ll see in a few weeks - I hope!

I also noticed they have the Trustfire TR-J18 at an unbelievable price.

I didn’t think flashaholics existed outside the internet! I thought I was the only one in the South Bay….

This seems a good deal on those lights, but IMO the design has problems. For example thy all have significant parasitic draw (equivalent to moonlight mode) which means the batteries die over a couple months (longer for the king). Even worse on the rook/queen since they can’t lock out which means you need to take the cells out if you’re not actively using.

UltraFire UF-T50

$35.76 - 3.57 = $32.19

Is this a good deal?

at that price, half-a-no-brainer. H) :steve:

I need “Black Shadow” versions of this lights for this price. “FandyFire” is very inappropriate name for resell.

for one FandyFire UV-S5 Cree XM-L T6 1800LM Flashlight (4 × 18650) ,after discount the price is lower than I have seen, $40.50,for this light…….FANDYASTIC !!!

Indeed. I missed that when I was looking around. A Sky Ray King for $40 bucks. Unheard of.

Have a sense of humor and roll with it. Embrace the goofy name.

This site looks promising, nice functional design and even nicer prices!

I’m going to order some 3000mAh TF flames for $8.78 ($7.90)

The description says that they are labeled 3000mAh but are 2500-2600 in reality, looks like someone is trying to be honest?
But why are they cheaper than the 2400mAh?

edit: just finished the order-process, everything worked perfectly!
i really like this site it feels very professional with reviews section and a forum, can’t imagine someone would work that hard for a scam :stuck_out_tongue:
let’s hope it all works out and they keep their prices down :bigsmile:

This batteries displayed in plastic box. Genuine Trustfires are wraped by plastic film with holographic sticker (from Manafont, e.g.). I am afraid of buying this.


like black shadow isn’t goofy, too.

what’s next, chartreuse shadow?

sorry, back to discussion of budget prices :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, i noticed that they don’t look like original TFs.

But i like the fact that they are sold with their “real” (different) mAh’s.
I’ve ordered some as a test of this site and for under $4 per cell i’m not going to be disappointed if they suck.

incredible deal on the TF Z6 (my favorite light…after modding)

looks to include box (which is decent), charger (which is junk imo) and TF flame 18650

manafont is $38.xx

It couldn’t possibly be a scam - they now have a banner ad on CPF, and we all know how fastidious they are about accepting advertisers. :wink:

There are some darn good deals there. Like 2 Trustfire protected 26650's for $16.46. Definitely want to hear about people's experiences ordering from them.