Wow. Look at this Franken Flashlight.

Too bad it has the zoom lense. I’m getting a little sick of seeing the focus flashlights on ebay.

Wow 2000 lumen! :wink:
And with 1 of those 4000 mAh UltraFires you could probably recharge an IPhone AND a Galaxy S3 at the same time. LOL

Seriously, this looks interesting and could be a life saver under certain conditions.

Emergency charge… Light charging the phone or the other way around?

I think the light charges the phone. Probably the first half ass copy i’ve seen of the p25 smilodon.

Shipping is $20.99, so total would be ~$40 :(…

When I first saw the pic I thought the light was programmable. That would be cool for a $20 light.

But who knows what the shipping cost is.

best price i could find.

What are these numbers stand for? I have seen these on some other zoomies too.

I cant quite make them out, even with Firefox zoomed in.
They look like they may be the °of the beam, probably as accurate as tghe Lumen count. :bigsmile:

@5M X500
OUT X2000

Many cheap flood to throw have this scale with dubious numbers.

It has a USB-out, so to get to the 5V the light must boost the voltage, this will not be very efficient as a battery pack.

I don’t think it is meant to be used as a back up battery pack on a daily basis. It’s just a novelty thing that could be used in a pinch i guess.