let u guys check this bad boy out!

Not exactly budget, but HERE you go. Or HERE.

Just get this?

Or a ghetto-blaster with 3x18650 lights and velcro/duct tape. At least 3 mode (low-mid-high) that way, too; or up to 9 levels if you use 5-mode lights :)

Hmm, actually I think it's 21 levels if I use math instead of just crummy intuition. Still, a 19 level* flashlight! Cost: ~12inches of electrical tape.

*if you know math.


well, technically with the manufacturing variation in chinese lights, it's more like 80 levels....

LOL, if anyone followed the edit trail on this post, I kept revising that number. Guess I don't know maths. Easy way: just use this

ah. thats a good price for a budget 3 led flashlight. bet you that would be cheap to retro to 3 R5s

lets see. about 7 bux an led (21 bux) and a driver circuit

I am very curious about that ultrafire T8 at now!

Indeed, that triple q5 seems really delicious at 29usd shipped.

I haven't seen it anywhere else and can't find a review or anymore info for it. Anyone want to be the guinea pig? what kind of lumen estimates would someone have for light like that?

i dont see the T8.... send me a link

also, i think i might pick up the triple q5 at that price. you really cant beat it!

that triple q5 at manafont is the ultrafire T8. thats the only link that i could provide you with but its already posted above :)

The standard "T8" only has 1 led, so that's a special drop-in, or a different light that just happens to use the t8 tube. I haven't seen those 44mm drop-ins before.

edit: actually I didn't find a T8, those were all C8's where the merchant mislabeled it. So this appears to be new or a special batch.

hmm interested. yup, someone order one, i am itching to hear what its like, and I can't justify adding this to my collection just yet...unless of course someone tells me its spectacular :D

ok ill order one and let you know.

my collection is growing too fast lol


I'm still doing good. Only 4 lights and 1 additional p60 host. A few on the way though. When im over 8 my wife will surely have a strange look at me.

I'm around 110. The lady dog I live with gives me very strange looks, but as long as I fill her bowl and take her for walks, she doesn't care.

Yup! Pedigreed (Her pedigree is way longer than mine - mine only goes back to 1894 as my grandfather never found out who his father was) Giant Schnauzers beat women. ;)

110!! wowers is right! ...i am slightly jealous hehehe. About 100 more than me :)

Hold on to your wallet!

Or you will end up in the same state as me.


That said, two of them cost more than $100 - pretty much all of the rest cost under $20.

Sad bit is my car needs $1000 worth of work on it. Before the engine destroys itself completely. I don't usually spend $1000 on a complete car, let alone on fixing them. This one is probably worth it, but in another 30,000 miles it will need fixing again. Just as well I only drive about 4,000 miles a year.

All but two (of a couple of dozen) of the cars I have owned cost less than my camera. Most of them cost less than my most expensive light. The last car that cost more than this computer was in 1994.

The corollary of this is that I am very, very good at resuscitating dead cars and motorcycles at the side of the road.

lol! ah thats quite the situation. well i have a problem with spending too much on my cars. needless to say this new flashlight addiction is a much cheaper habit :)

These days I only replace cars when they break terminally. Hopefully this isn't all that often. One of the people I work with just spent more than I have spent on all of the cars I have ever bought on a new car. The car she replaced was younger than anything I've driven since 1999!

I can NOT be accused of spending too much on cars. Just ask my mother - every time mine breaks I borrow hers - she does an even lower mileage than I do. When her 12 year old car broke terminally it had done less than 20,000 miles.

ah well cars is really where i spend my money

I own a 07 civic (bought new) and a 90 Prelude 4ws (bought used and rebuilt)

spend way too much on those. then my girl just bought a 2011 Mustang V6 (worth every penny!) and she already had a 98 Camry (were keeping and modding)

so far

07 Civic LX 2 door 5 speed Manual:

HFP suspension

SSR A-2 17"x7" lightweight Rims

Dunlop Star Spec 225/45 tires

TWMperformance shift knob

Skunk2 Short Shifter

Rear Drum to disk swap

LED taillights

3rd brake like OEM LED swap

HID retrofit (in the making)

Sony DD headunit

Polk MoMo component front

Polk Mobile Monitor 2 way rear

Polk 4x125 RMS amp

Alpine 800 RMS amp

two SPG555s (only one hooked up now until i get a better amp)

LED map and dome lights

LED turn signal lights

LED license plate lights


Vibrant Cat-back SS exhaust

Hondata with E-tunez tune

i know im forgetting stuff with this one

90 Prelude 4 wheel steering 5 speed manual

B20A5 motor swap

PnP HID kit

Magnaflow Cat

Pacesetter Cat-back

ebay intake (was already on there)

more to come with that too

98 Camry LE

17" Drag rims (18" Kazera's awaiting tires)

Tokico Shocks

H&R springs

Alpine Head unit

Pioneer 4 channel amp

JBL front 2way

Crunch 6x9 rear (just for filler)

Apline 400 RMS amp

PowerBass pr12-dv.2 12" sub (800rms/1600 max)

LED interior dome light

LED License plate lights

Gen 4.5 retro in works with retro'd gen 4.5 headlights w/ TSX projectors (front bumper and headlights)

Rear ES300 disk brake swap

Front Supra TT 13" rotors (dont fit under current rims, once 18s have tires will look SICK!)

LED dashboard lights (still need to do more)

2011 Mustang V6 6 speed manual

STOCK! ... so far... hehehehehe

5.1 secs 0-60