Wowtac A2S NW Short Review

The Wowtac A2S headlamp in neutral white is a great budget headlamp. This headlamp features a Cree XP-L V-6 LED and appears to be about 5000k color temperature. The beam profile has a good spot with useful flood. Included in the package is a high capacity 3400 mah 18650 battery. The battery has micro usb built in which is very convenient for charging on the go. The mode spacing is well balanced between low-med-high. My favorite feature of this headlamp is the moonlight mode. It's perfect for not waking people or blowing out your night vision.
The included Wowtac branded headband is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and with no discomfort noticed. The headband does have a top strap which I appreciate since the headlamp is on the larger size. The headlamp features a large rubber button with battery indicator on the head of light.
Compared to the Sofirn SP40, I prefer the Wowtac. I grab the Wowtac because of the firefly mode which I use a lot. The charger built into the battery is a little unique but it helps with water proofing. I do recommend putting some DC Fix on the light to help smooth out the beam. Adding the DC Fix helps produces a nice smooth wide beam, great for headlamp uses.
Things I really like:
- Great output on high
- Low moonlight mode
- Includes a battery in the kit
- Neutral white LED
Things I don't like:
- I wish the charging port was built into the body of the light and not the battery
- Headlamp is on the heavier size
- Beam profile is a little too narrow (you can add diffusion material to smooth out)
Conclusion: Overall this is a solid headlamp for $30 and would recommend to anyone in the market for a quality budget headlamp.

I’ve had one of these for a while now. Like it.
But - The rubber rings that hold the light have gotten looser over time. Now the light is too easy to tilt up and down in the head mount.
I often use it as just a 90 degree light. Handy to set on a table and point at something that need a little light.
Do wish it was more floody.
All the Best,