WOWTAC….Good Flashlight or Go with Another Brand?

Hey all.

I’d like to pick up a couple lights for general use. Somewhere I came upon the WOWTAC brand. I checked some of them out at Amazon and the specs looked good on the models I was looking at and the prices were not that bad either.

Before I buy anything I wanted to get some opinions on them. Would you all care to post your thoughts and experiences about these lights?

I’d like to pick up a decent thrower and maybe a slim indoor type light. A AA sized performer would be nice too. That’s kinda where I’m thinking at the moment.

Any help you care to give will be appreciated.
Thank you all very much.

I got a bunch. Pretty-good to quite-good.

Unfortunate choice of emitters, though. Mostly CW only, no NW or WW.

What LB said. I have several. The only one I don’t like it the new version A4 V2. Impossible to find button and gets branding iron hot.
The first A4 was a great light.
Yeah and mostly cool color temps. Warm is way better for me.
All the Best,

I’ve eyeballed the A7 for a while to swap in an Osram or 5000K XPP and have a grippy, tacticool pocket thrower. Coupon now for $23 has me about to bite… i just don’t have a true need.

I love their aggressive knurling. Hard to find these days.

I’ve got a few and like them. They are offering NW now in some models. Got a A6 coming tomorrow in NW.

Wowtac is fairly good.

I think they are Thrunite’s budget brand.

They are affiliated with Thrunite.

A1S NW 5000k is my go-to for dirty bang-up jobs. Solid as a rock. Always in the truck door pocket. A2S NW, same thing. The beam is a little too tight and 5000k is still too cool for me so it’s far from my favorite headlight but again, dirty jobs. Always in the truck but not the only headlight in there. A7 NW has very tight hot spot and holds turbo for about two minutes. If it was a half inch shorter and a little bit warmer I might try carrying it on a regular basis. The forward mode switch is small and hard to operate but it is lit blue to find it easy enough. The stiff tail switch is on and off and momentary and it has memory. So you’re not always going to use and need the forward switch. The A6 CW at 4 inches COULD have been a great light. It has a strange yellow color and while I guess you could change the LED, the switch is tiny and miserable to operate. It’s the same small switch as the A7 but it is the only switch used to turn it on and off and change modes. It does stay lit blue after you find it to turn it on. It’s too small. You can use the clip to help locate it but it’s still miserable. I also have the A1S and the A2S and had the A7 all in cool white. I gave the A7 away. I think I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll never buy anything else in Cool White. If you’re good with 5000k they’re all useful for certain applications. I do have some warm LEDs that will eventually go into all of them.

BTW, The A6 is 30% off right now on Amazon. Maybe other models too, I didn’t look.

They need to update their emitter choices, but the lights themselves are good.

Where are they sold? I got an A1 months ago on Amazon, but can’t find them anywhere else.

Google Wowtac and a few places come up.

Whoops, confused wowtac with ultratac