Wrist watches. Post pics, if you EDC one!

I like it alot. The only problem with most automatic watches is that they're no where near as accurate as a Quartz watch. Both of mine gain about 15 seconds a day. One thing, if you know a good Jeweler, they can be calibrated to be within a couple a seconds a day..

Thanks! I love this watch too. The Movado Valor shown is made out of tungsten carbide, so it's pretty much scratch resistant. I've owned it for almost 10 years and it still looks just about brand new :)

Take a look from here also : http://www.creationwatches.com/products/seiko-automatic-sports-89/

Dang! No kidding. It certainly still looks new. I'd love to even see that sitting on my desk or on the wall (bigger and without the band, of course).

Even though I don't really act on it, I have an obsession with nice, simple looking clocks. In fact, my first interest in LED's was to build a large wall clock. It would basically just be digits with probably a clear, acrylic backing. I still hope to do that. Recently I've been on a mission to find a nice and sleek alarm clock for the bed. I've decided to try an Ivee voice interactive alarm. I guess the newest ones are supposed to have the bugs worked out. That female British voice actually sounds quite soothing. I describe it as an adult version of the The Red Queen AI in Resident Evil

I see they have mine for $119. Check ebay and see if you can find one cheaper. I paid less for mine a few years ago. Can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I paid about $89 :)

Oops, noticed some of those were different. I was looking a wrong model...

Still, not a bad price for japanese automatic, if Amazon sells cheapest models for under 70$.

Glenn: can you estimate roughly, how accurate your Seikos are? I suppose those should keep within below 20s or so / day?

Both of them are roughly 15 seconds fast everyday. I have a cheaper model (see image below) that does much better at 5 seconds a day. I guess it's the luck of the draw when it comes to how they calibrate these at the factory..


I was just looking at this one:


wrong model. 21 jewels. lol.

I'm all about leather or synthetic bands now. Less opportunity for unwanted hair removal and also lighter weight. No more metal bands for me. That's a plus for the Seiko.

Don't have pictures, but I wear a HMT Pilot most of the time. It looks nice and I don't have to worry about getting it scratched up.

Here's my favourite. After adjustment it gains ~10 sec a day.

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Love the Ga100 ......

Today on my wrist.... sorry for blur pic,

my compass watches :)

L to R: casio sgw-100, timex, timex. sorry forgot the model numbers

favorite is the casio. stable compass calibration. but like all casios not good at night, stupid EL light implementation

timex digital doesn't have a pointer but timex NightMode is excellent for night activities.

timex analog. has a 4th hand compass pointer which can work simultaneously with the full-face EL illumination :)


Drat this thread, now I'm tempted all over again! I'm both clumsy and forgetful, which meant several lost or broken watches over the years, so I stopped wearing them half a lifetime ago. After all this time I no longer feel comfortable wearing one. But I do love the craftsmanship of a mechanical watch. The last one I owned was almost identical to this one, I think it's a beauty http://www.britishwatchcompany.com/watches-c104/mens-watches-c105/rotary-watches-mens-mechanical-watch-p3570?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=rotary-watches-men-039-s-mechanical-watch-gs02521-06&utm_campaign=product+listing+ads#3570:
Can't really justify it, but I am tempted..

I'm looking for a non battery type. I get sick of paying $40 every time I get a new battery/pressure test etc. I like the look of the citizen eco drives. Not cheap though

yeah that's why i like watches running on CR2016, CR2025, CR2032. really low-cost cells available anywhere. i install the batteries myself, silicone grease on the o-ring, kinda like on a flashlight but a lot lot less

before i was into flashlights i was into watches .... heavily lol

here are a few that are left of a once large collection

sorry for crummy quality cell phone pics - wife has camera and is away for weekend

My photo host is having issues (=> No pics shown in any of my reviews, sorry about that!), so I'll post photos from net.

My current EDC:

My previous EDC: