Wrist watches. Post pics, if you EDC one!

I was thinking of making a thread, some thread alredy have questions or recommendations for budget watches.
First of all, I´m not an enthusiast but "I´m a bit interested"...
For the first time in about 16 years, I now have a wrist watch. Yes, it´s a big deal trying to learn to carry it.
For some quite obvious reason, I just could not go to local mall, pick the generic Seiko, Citizen, younameit what they happen to have on the shelf that day.
Did a little Googling, found some basic info, got interested on mechanical watches by some odd reason even that they are far worse in keeping time compared to Quarz...
Sea-Gull 816.362 was purchased from www.good-stuffs.com. Can be found also from eBay. About Sea-Gull.
I was a bit overwhelmed by the quality of customer care. At budget stuff, you sometimes "have to do some wrestling" to get answers, if you know what I mean.
Mails were answered fast and with good, proper explanations leaving nothing unclear. Shipping done fast and with EMS 50 hours from Shanghai to my door!!!
The watch itself is a bit iffy, is it budget or is it not. I had terrible time deciding to get or not to get something this valuable. After all, I was not sure if I would even learn to wear it...
Then I thought again and compared the price for some Swiss movement watches with similar accuracy and feats. Then it did seem a Budget choice for sure...
Enough, to the pics:
The Logo says it all, just business, nothing more.
If you look carefully, you can see that at nine o´clock there is some difference in that black paint.
About the only rant on this watch I could figure out.
Under the hood. Got no lightbox etc. and it was pretty hard to get even near decent shot from there. Powered by ST2130 movement.
Logo on the stainless steel bracelet
Logo on crown.
Wrist shot. I would like to hear some critical comments about the size of the watch.
I have rather small wrists and the ~40mm size bugs me, it looks too large.
...and for the last, groupie from updated EDC gear.
SRM763, SeaGull 816.362, either one of DQG AA or DQG Tiny II.
Thanks for watching!

Nice watch! I think it's beautiful in its simplicity. I also don't think it looks that huge on your wrist. It's not like it's an Invicta or something.

Thanks JohnnyMac!

Sea-Gull had also some other quite simple, a bit vintage look designs. I had to choose from a couple.

The ST2130 movement disassembled.

Somehow I find stuff like this very interesting! Very nice pics, amazingly small parts

Be careful, once the watch bug bites....

Good looking watch, thanks for posting pics!

Yes quartz are more accurate than automatics, even a Rolex generally cannot compete in accuracy with the cheapest quartz movements, automatic movements are just appreciated for how they work. For something with no electric power they are amazing.

That sea-gull looks beautiful! I just got this, my first nice watch, and it was a steal of a deal!!

My Casio G Shock GA100 and Gulfman.

I like!

CheapThrills, that Sea-Gull in the first post is nice! Not too big - it's good to have at least one monster watch to wear when you're in the mood.

I wore this Citizen Nighthawk (solar powered) for awhile, but it was a little too heavy for my tastes...

So this is what I EDC for now, Casio Pathfinder PAW1300g, the atomic time keeping and solar power are handy and it's very lightweight.

It's also got a Maratac S-series Zulu nylon band, very comfortable and durable. I don't think I can ever go back to a metal band again. ... plus, no hair pullers!

You can buy a Titainium Tissot for about the sameprice of the Seagull if you shop carefully.

Yes indeed. Checked out a ton of Citizens, Seikos etc. in the price range of 200-300$.

Quartz watch somehow gives me a feel of single-service or something like that.

...and most of what I checked out were not automatic.

Dad has a Omega from -65. Still working, not saying that a quartz cannot do high mileage...

BTW: SeaGull makes some movements for Tissot, Fossil, Junkers, a couple other German brands and a whole deal of others.

All in all, SeaGull makes over 25% of all movements sold in watches.

You can buy a two-tone Rolexx for less than both of them if you shop carefully.



...but who will buy a copy-rolex, when at this price you can get a Genuine Bagelsport!


Lol, what a name! Tempted to try, though. Could use a beater and they are reported working.

I was tempted, they have some fairly good reviews over on watchuseek, can't justify a seagull just yet.

I've picked up a couple of parnis, and I'm putting a little a side to buy the next chinese forum watch, really like the one I missed out on so hoping the next is just as good.

I have a shitload of watches. Here's just a few

Nice watches atbglenn, any other difference in those two Seiko5´s than looks? 8)

I was also checking that WUS "Moonie". I liked it but I never really got the idea of the moonphase in wristwatch...

The other issue is thickness of 14mm if I remember correctly. Huge clump, possibly 40mm at least in diameter also. Still, very nice especially for the price.

I used to wear a SKX007, just a cheap diver, I wore it for over 10 years, most recently on a WJ Oyster. Then one day it just felt way too heavy and thick, so now I wear a cheap Casio, nice and thin, light, accurate, has a little light in it, hahah.

Hey Glenn. Whats your opinion on the last Seiko? They are going for cheap at Amazon. I might get it.


I'm a fan of simple, stylish watches like that, however, I'm also practical so I need digital. I just can't get used to watches again since I've went without for a few years now. That black one is slick though.


Nice watches atbglenn, any other difference in those two Seiko5´s than looks? 8)


Thanks man. There's really no difference other than style. They both have the same movement, and both are water resistant to 100 meters :)