Wrist watches. Post pics, if you EDC one!

That is, a very beautiful watch, sir.

EasyB, that's a nice watch too! Like automatics :)

Here's mine. Love it because of its simplicity yet not dull :)



From yobokies. You can email him for parts and mods at yobokies@yahoo.com.hk

You can see his stuff on his photobucket.

Also the lumpy strap is really Nice on Seikos (heavy). Google “Seiko lumpy” for inspiration.

Geuzzz, I’d love to mod my own watches, but my vision, and the steadiness of my hands isn’t as good as it was when I was young.

I read a description saying no batteries and it was solar powered?

[the Seiko skx007]


i love that it has a circular slide rule…[citizen skyhawk]

Mee too. I adjusted the spring from the movement but it didnt hit the spot after several attempts.

Now she has my “better” Sea-Gull as everyday watch. It keeps enough good time so not too much of adjusting….

SKX007 on a leather band I made from brass rod and a french rifle sling from December 1960.
Also ordered a Maranez Bangla in Titanium there

That picture is way too big, but it is a cool watch.
Edit: picture seems better sized now.

Another skx007, NICE!

Yes sorry about the original size, I’m still figuring out how this forum works :sunglasses:
SKXs are very cool watches that work well with most straps and bracelets. It’s too small for my wrists on bracelets but this thick nato “widens” it

Maratac H3 tritium (14 trit tubes), with a dead battery. Wore it for years.

I’m missing my watches cuz we’re moving and they are mostly all packed up :frowning:

But I am enjoying the pics here. This thread helps me get my watch fix :stuck_out_tongue:

great thread

Nobody use invicta crazy MSRP? :smiley:

Just a tip for mechanical watch guys.

I found a free app on the playstore called wildspectra mobile lite wich gives real time monitoring of the watch beats, i was able to regulate the seagul movment in my parnis, i then started a test on october 2 and my watch is still in the same second, crazy, it looses a second during the day when i wear it and gains it at night when i put the watch down on it’s face.

Fantastic app.

There is a saying on several of the watch forums I frequent, “Friends don’t let friends buy Invicta”. That said, when I first got into the hobby, I did enjoy them. They were gateway watches, similar to the cheaper flashlights that used to excite us.

I have used this app or a similar one and I agree it is very cool.

It uses the phone microphone to listen to the beats. It can calculate the beat frequency. It does a live graph of the beats vs time so you can also see if it is in or out of beat (equal time between the ticks).

Yeah they were looking cool at that time and I like big watches. I used to have 3 invicta watches, one of them is automatic and the rest are big sporty type. Sold them all about 4 years ago.