Wrist watches. Post pics, if you EDC one!

Nice seiko’s, whilst on a seiko roll here is my little one

Here’s my watch this weekend, I’m always in a rubber banded G Shock all week as I can’t wear conducting materials at work so the TAG is a nice treat…

I’v never seen the rightmost one and can’t find it, it’s gorgeous, is it a mod ?

Ven, great looking dial on the SKX, not something you see everyday.

That tag is :+1:

James, I bought that one about 8 years ago. I’m pretty sure it’s not made anymore. BTW, It’s not a mod.

Ven, very nice Seiko. Love the green dial.

Jeansy, super cool Tag. I purchase this Tag in 1992. I’m sending it in for repair. The date gets stuck between days on occasion. Hopefully it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to get it fixed. BTW,it’s been super reliable up until a year ago. Not bad for 23 years.

My cheap “readeel” quartz aliexpress watch. I’d rather have a Seiko, but at the moment I don’t really have any money. This one will do nicely for the time being though.

That’s really nice Glenn, my father always had a Heuer stopwatch and raved about it so I’ve always wanted one. The colours on the dial are the ones used on James Hunts race car so that’s pretty cool even if it is just a sales gimmick.

Hope yours is easily fixed and you have a trustworthy repair shop.

Thanks Jeansy. I’ve been sending mine to an authorized Tag repair center in New Jersey for a cleaning, new seals, and a battery replacement every 4 years or so. I know they’re reliable. They always send a detailed report on the condition such as scratches, etc. They even told my the dial has faded over the years. To be honest, I’ve never noticed that. I’m confident they can fix it without any evidence that it has been repaired.

Thanks for kind words guys, love the TAG’s , very smart
This has been a daily beater watch for many years…………in fact i cant remember exactly but it must be 10yrs or not far off! Through thick and thin, working on my 4x4 to gardening to in the sea………Scratched and beat up, gives it personality, swapped out the battery the other year……………….

Looks like this now

For value, cant fault rotary so i got another for beater duty. Well i cant wear a watch in work, but outside of, wear one all the time so its every day wear uses. Some i just wear more than others really, dont have any for best or for special occasions. As i am fairly clumsy………i cant invest too much into a beater watch. It would burn my head out scratching a super expensive watch so i would only keep it in the box. So i just have a hand full i wear when i want basically.
Another newer daily wear which got a couple of marks on straight away.

I never heard of that brand before. Definitely my style for sure, especially the newer looking one. I’ll do some research on them. Who knows, I may end up buying one

The ones in the pics are aquaspeed models, latest ones here

Thanks Ven. I like your latest model better than the ones I’m seeing on their website. Do you have a model number for that ?

Here is the model atbglenn

Copy and paste may bring some up yourside

Ebay 301979802973

Ven, thanks so much! I’ll order it next week from ebay. Only $69.99! Great deal for such a fine looking watch.

Yes, very good value that, they usually go for around £100-£120 ish in the UK for that model back a couple of years or so. Certainly worth $70 if you like the look. Here you get a life time guarantee as long as you send the watch off for a service every 3yrs and get it stamped. Its dolphin waterproof, by that it means you can swim and dive all day.

No i dont work for them :wink: Having had many different(1/2 decent) brands, many steamed up or somehow let water in………….these have never missed a beat at all and one has had a real hard life.

Very nice field watch, looks neat, that’s the nice thing with watches even the not so expensive ones can be great buys.

When looking for the readeel on ali i found this one (Tissot visodate lookalikish) that i also might be tempted to order:

Thx for the info on the Seiko 5 Atbglenn.

Here is a love hate brand, or as far as i have read anyway, due mainly to crazy rrp prices. Seems a nice enough made watch though

I I use to dive quite bit so have always had some type of divers watch.

Wife has the same but black and stainless and 40mm both have ETA movements. I have another in black that's quartz if I do happen to dive.

I have several. Always got a good price. The oldest is about 6 years and no problems.

Thats good to know Terry, thanks for the info and i really like that!! Very smart :+1: