Writing Product Reviews on Home Depot's Website Can Bring Unexpected Benefits

There has been a Home Depot near us for a long time, since sometime in the 90’s I think. I do buy an assortment of things from them. I don’t remember when I wrote my first online review, nor what it was, anymore. Mostly I post a review when I am very pleased with something I bought from them or partly pleased and note what faults I encountered. I do not shy away from writing about any shortcomings I see or experience and I try to be objective. As well as reviews on their website, Home Depot makes it possible for viewers to ask a question and for anyone to post a response. I have answered a few questions over the years. On occassion some reader will click “yes” to the question “was this helpful?”

Apprently someone does take notice of the reviews and responses, or at the very least an algorithmtakes note. A few years ago I received an email from Home Depot with an invitation to become a member of the Home Depot Seeds program. It was explained to me that Home Depot had noted my product reviews and the notes of appreciation from other customers.

The Seeds program is only available by invitation from Home Depot. In a nutshell, at least once a month a list of available products is published on a special web page. A participant may select up to 5 products from. The product is shipped free of charge. A 300 word review with 3 to 6 pictures is required to be filed within 20 days of receipt of the product. They do not edit reviews, nor do they kick you off for writing a review listing faults found. Products come from virtually every department in their website.

I have received a numbers of tools ranging from drill bits, wrenches, screwdrivers and cordless tools up to a table saw. Good to excellent quality stuff. New LED light fixtures for the workshop ceiling. A few hours ago the delivery and setup guys left after bringing and setting up a new LG kitchen range. The online price tag reads $1898. :open_mouth: We would have never paid that kind of money to buy one.

Sometimes a requested product does fail to materialize. Not often tough. A portable twin hose A/C I thought might be nice in the shop on hot summer days was cancelled for some reason. That was last summer when A/C units were being grabbed up during a hot spell, so maybe someone thought they was nothing to be gained by giving one away. Today I selected an LG dishwasher ($1168 store tag with 42dBA sound level). I hope it comes.

So yes, one needs an invitation, but invitations only go out to folks who come across as helpful to others. You never know how being helpful might be rewarded.

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Wow Don, that’s awesome. Never hurts to be helpful. And getting a $2K range? Crazy.

You have to be careful with it though, they might send you tax documents. It shows up as individual contractor. Amazon has a similar program called "Vine voice". You can look it up on how those guys handle it.

Amazon Vine uses pretty much the same system.

Sounds great, Don. :+1:

A 300 word review for a screwdriver set sounds hard. :smiley: Wow, they give out some pricey items though. I never knew that program existed. Pays to be helpful.

Wow thats amazing! I wrote a review for an electric ryobi mower I got complaining about non advertised run times. Ryobi responded back and send me 2 40v batteries for it!

Hello, I also participate in the Home Depot Seeds Program, but have not received notice of many campaigns this year. I am wondering if there are actually fewer campaigns or if I am no longer in a desirable demographic. I recently updated my profile to “retired”.

Were you invited to any campaigns in March 2024?

Nothing in March, but I did get a high efficiency watersense rated toilet in Feb and a solar powered LED security light in Jan. I have also been thinking they have slowed down the offers or slowed down my personal offers.

It’s nice to see you, Ceemom!