Wrong Sky Ray 3 x XM-L from Light Take [avoid]

One faulty one, and another wrong item sent. And they want you to send it back.....at a cost of very high postage fees.

There was a recommendation of getting the Sky Ray 3 x XM-L there as they give 7%. IMO it is not good to start off with high-priced item untested.


poor bugger , it aint funny but gotta laugh at the sick critter they sent him

thats jus cruel

Yeah man...imagine all the excitement and you pull out this thing with its sick face. UGH!

The other case which is a faulty light sent was experienced by a member here.

where did u buy it from

they have insulted you big time , send them a bag of shit back , who cares whaT THE cost , i will chip in 5 bucks : D !!

Edit: didnt realize it was a CPF guy , never the less

That is bad!

I think someone here did get the right light from Lightake, though it wasn't working right on arrival. Still, not entirely statistically relevant unless people think LT purposely sends out wrong stuff to get hit on PP.

Also, that's the lead character from Rayman Raving Rabbids. Hilarious game and I actually went looking for it on their site. Can't find it but they do sell Angry Birds plush's for $20.

If it was me you were talking about, then yes, I did get the right torch. But it is only putting out very low light levels - less than 100 lumens. Customer service has not been that helpful so far - even going so far (if I can understand Sandy’s english) as to ask why I would not be happy with < 100 lumens. I am afraid she is going to ask me to send it back. They are still dithering about what to do I guess. I am not going to send it back, at least not at my expense. And I do not feel like waiting yet another month or so for it to get there, and for them to (possibly) send a replacement.

Dunno what to do - probably open a Paypal dispute and ask for a refund. They seem to have had disputes with Paypal before, so they might not like that.

I was thinking - it would be a good business model for an enterprising Chinese to open an honest store, with decent products, fast delivery times, and good customer service. It works for so many business's it is a puzzle as to why the Chinese feel they have to do things differently. They would also stand out - seems like an easy win to me.

They're there already (eg.Solarforce Shop), but because they don't offer 'knock-offs' the prices tend to be a bit higher, and fast shipping makes it a bit dearer still, so many budget buyers ignore them.

You just had to see how many were happy to ignore DD's awful reputation to get in on the UF-H2B deal to realise that the 'dirt cheap dodgy gear with lousy CS' model can work well.

Ok - will give them a go. I also see from these forums that Manafont seems pretty honest as well.

It took me exactly 2 months. 43 days of non-receipt before opening dispute, email seller to refund as part of the dispute nego process....i don't blame him for the no response as it was a tricky case. 2 more weeks for seller to respond, deadline passed and i got my money. Lost 50 bucks in the process because of the dropping USD to SGD exchange.

i bought mine skyray from lightake, they sent to me the right product at a very short period of time!

It's a little sad, that only 2 sellers in the "Budget Dealer Experiences" received the "recommended"-status.

TinyDeal would not be far from it but they carry mostly outdated or unappealing flashlights. They have a nice selection of knives however. PriceAngels are like DX anyway.