wtb 3D cell maglite heatsink

Cheap as possible or if you know how to make them from scratch.


Which exact model of MagLite do you have? The heatsink is not specific to the number of batteries used, but, is specific to the battery type and specific generation of MagLite. For example, an early pre-“D” MagLite will require a larger diameter heatsink while the later ones (with a leading “D” in the serial numbers) will all have the same diameter, but, incandescent and early MagLED (ones with an easily removable LED module) could use a taller heatsink for more thermal mass while the later “Rebel” MagLEDs (requires that you totally dismantle the light to remove the module) will require a shorter one of the same diameter.

The heatsinks for the pre-“D” Mags are custom made. The heatsinks for “D” Mags are available online and you can cut off the little lip that stops it from sitting deeper to make them work with the Rebel MagLEDs.

It is an older model with the D as the first letter of the serial number. I’m wanting to use a Seoul p4 emitter.