WTB +9000 lumen modded flashlight

If you use 9x XML2 at ~3A/3.5V (actually a bit lower) that would take ~94.5W.
For XHP70 3x 3.6A at 8V (3000 lumens each) = 86.4V
Most flashlights approaching that range use ramp down drivers. They reduce current after a few seconds to prevent overheating. If you need 9000 lumen for longer durations you’ll need a larger case, probably with fan cooling.


And a big battery pack.

That was my first thought. It’s one thing getting 9000 lumens which is pretty simple, but it’s another thing sustaining 9000 lumens for a reasonable amount of time.

My 12x XP-L and 12x Nichia TN30s have around 540gm of copper under their emitters which is also glued into the heads using Arctic Silver adhesive. I can feel them warming up within 30 seconds.

I think it will be a bit more difficult than that… The LED is cheap; the drivers I’ve found are more expensive, the cheapest AC converter I found to run it was about $16. It’s a huge amount of light, but even with the 44mm lens assembly, is extremely floody; I don’t think you would be able to get 200m of throw. I would like to see what one of the larger 78mm lens modules would do in this configuration:

A “battery” would need to be a high-capacity deep cycle to provide the 100W needed. Or possibly a bank of series-connected gel-cells to provide the 36V @ 3A needed for the emitter. Also, don’t forget the heatsink assembly, as that will generate a lot of heat!

I would love to see it on the snow though. 8)
Unfortunately, we don’t get much snow here…

@the OP: I assume this location is remote enough that running an extension cord and setting up a light tower like this wouldn’t be an option…

…but I have been working (somewhat unsuccessfully) on building some PVC flood-light towers to use with LED flood lights purchased off eBay. The idea being, it can be used as a work light, while connected via wall power, and can be used with a deep-cycle battery/inverter combo for lighting when camping/fishing/etc. where power is not available. Unfortunately, the LED lights I’ve found on ebay are wildly inconsistent in quality and build. They typically run at half the rated power, and have unusual combinations of emitters/drivers/tint. Also, stripped-out screws are common, limiting water tightness.

Meteor with XPL HI? A bit out of your budget but I think it will suit your needs.

…And it can be buried in the snow to help keep it cool! H)

I have 6x 5s lipos, so I can get easily 15ah @ 40v if needed. :slight_smile: And maximum output with that configuration what I can output is 375 amps @ 40v = 15000w. :smiley:

If you have the lipos, then this setup is for you

Considering function first before form

Is it possible to use 250w led with fan and heatsink and build it to tube form? :slight_smile:

Guys he’s in Finland during winter. What kind of cooling do you think he really needs? He’ll be lucky if he gets the light up to body temperature. This is probably what your looking for. TrustFire TR - J20 $64.99 It’s a very simple resistor mod and I listed my test findings.

There is 0 to - 30 degree Celsius in winter time (–22 to 32 fahrenheit) So pretty cold.

What’s the lumen output with that mod?

I would guess around 5000 lumens. I couldn’t set up truly accurate reading on wattage due to unknowns on voltage sag. Truly a very bright, inexpensive, almost practical, well built light. Also works well for clubbing pesky wolves and bears.

Do you have any beamshots?

Sorry no. I believe that some were posted in another thread.

Would it be easy to mod TR-J20 to use 5s lipo? (21v hot off the charger, nominal 18,5v) Or if I wire it can I run it stock with 3s lipo? I have one 4000 mah lying around.

The first thing I thought reading this thread was, will flashlights do the job?
Isn’t something like the above mentioned lighttower via normal outlet be better, or a cunstruction light with a decent sized accu inside? You are probably want something that gives of light for a longer period of time.
I mean, for that budget, you get place three of these, should that not suffice?

I honestly think you’ll be fine with a lot less than 9000 lumens, especially reflecting off the snow.

I’m surprised nobody told you about me. I build these type of lights all the time.

I sent you a PM with a picture of the last light I built in this range.

Three letters……. HID