WTB +9000 lumen modded flashlight

What’s the lumen output with that mod?

I would guess around 5000 lumens. I couldn’t set up truly accurate reading on wattage due to unknowns on voltage sag. Truly a very bright, inexpensive, almost practical, well built light. Also works well for clubbing pesky wolves and bears.

Do you have any beamshots?

Sorry no. I believe that some were posted in another thread.

Would it be easy to mod TR-J20 to use 5s lipo? (21v hot off the charger, nominal 18,5v) Or if I wire it can I run it stock with 3s lipo? I have one 4000 mah lying around.

The first thing I thought reading this thread was, will flashlights do the job?
Isn’t something like the above mentioned lighttower via normal outlet be better, or a cunstruction light with a decent sized accu inside? You are probably want something that gives of light for a longer period of time.
I mean, for that budget, you get place three of these, should that not suffice?

I honestly think you’ll be fine with a lot less than 9000 lumens, especially reflecting off the snow.

I’m surprised nobody told you about me. I build these type of lights all the time.

I sent you a PM with a picture of the last light I built in this range.

Three letters……. HID