WTB Acebeam Products

As the title suggests, I and maybe some people would want to buy acebeam products but the ‘W’ stands for where. Since HKE, Banggood will no longer sell Acebeam, where will we be buying their products from when their stocks are depleted? Other than eBay and Amazon of course…

I did not hear anything about BG not carrying Acebeam any more.

and where is the “zebrahunt” (my new name for the H10 headlamp) to be purchased?


Martin (M4DM4X) did mention. They don’t like that they are selling their product at such a low price. Now BLF can’t create groupbuy too :frowning:

Why don’t you message Acebeam directly and let us know what they respond?

acebeam do not want to make a groupbuy or give a discount ( i tried )
they cut shops that sell below MRSP off

thats why all the deals in the past had to be stealth - but someone told acebeam what bg and gb did and now thete are less sources for us…
less sources - higher prices :frowning:

less sources=less sales

I didn have to because Martin already did hahahah and it’s such a pity… :frowning: I mean they have really nice lights but at such a price point it’s not practical… I like their T20 and K60…

So I guess now you know why Bella isn’t answering your queries :confused:

hkequipment still sells Acebeam.
I am glad they sell Acebeam since I have had good transactions with hkequipment.

FL succeeded in his plan, he banned sale of AB products in whole world :bigsmile:

Who is FL?

FLo rida


Acebeam has given me a permission to arrange some lights to my friends at BLF. (Not a group buy, not for everyone)

PM me and I'll see if/how I can help.

I would like some free Acebeam lights :smiley:

I don’t get it. If a manufacturer is selling to a shop and making a profit, what do they care how much or how little the shop makes? The group buys obviously still make a profit and those that wouldn’t normally buy because of a “high price” jump in on the group price or deal price.
The factory has still made their profit regardless of whether the shop has made $10 or $50 profit.
Could it be that some of those that pay a high price think its amazing because of the premium price?

I assume that what is happening has something to do with another thread here on BLF. I have been known to be wrong in the past though.

Last month, I bought an Acebeam K40M from a “seller” for $85 - Shipped to the USA! - Not mentioning any names, because they are all gone.

It’s my understanding that this dealer will not be selling Acebeam in the future, because of MAP violations.

Acebeam has very few dealers now - How are they going to survive in the future?

It’s really a shame - It’s really a nice light and I had my eye on some of their other models, but NOT at MSRP!

Acebeam, WAKE UP!!!


I’ve been in business before and this is what happens. A sales rep says “Hey buy our product for 80 and you’ll make 80 every time you sell one at ours at MSRP of 160”. Buyer replies back “Great Idea but I can’t sell it cause you’ve got people out there selling it for 120 to the public and that cuts my profit in half if I even want to move it, whats up with that.” Then the seller is left with devalued items causing the company to have to sell it at an even lower price.

If you get a X40 I have one of the new fixed battery carriers that I would part with. I sold my X40 and then a month later the fixed carrier came in so now I have no use for it unless I buy another X40 (which I am highly considering)