WTB Any XML Led's U2 if possible

I have a LW-12L2 same as this one

Review of Lightscastle 12x ultrafire 7,200 lumen multiemitter. (WOW)

And somehow after changing batteries 6 of the LED’s went pop, no smoke or noise they just stopped working

They are wired 4 parallel with 3 in series and at least one from each line has gone (tested by putting battery over each LED to see which still lights up)

A picture of the MCPCB is here ( I used Richie086’s image as it the same hope thats ok :slight_smile: )

After messing with it I am down to just 3 working LED’S so I need really 12 or so new LED’S to try to get it working again

After pricing them up retail it really isn’t worth spending $4-5 ish x12 to attempt to fix this so has anyone got a load of old XML T6 or U2 LED’S going cheap?

Can you mix/match XML1 and XML2’s?

I am UK based fyi

I’ve got 6 XML’s, unknown bins, but presumed cool white

How much are the six you have?
Are you likely to get any more later?

I can do £1.50 each, and whatever postage is, not likely to get any more any time soon, but do have lots of XML2’s

How much are the XML2’s?
I could upgrade them all to XML2

XML2’s (bare, no mcpcb) will be £4.25 each plus shipping