[WTB] BLF GT/GT70 Accessories

Hi everyone

I’m looking for:
a) 4-5 battery carrier sets
b) 5-6 bags with shoulder straps

Can anyone help me with these accessories or tell me who might still have stock available?

Thank you very much

Monday Bump

Nealsgadgets sells the carrier and lens cover, the bag is sold out

Nealsgadgets doesn’t have stock of the battery carriers :frowning:

Hmm, strange, works for me

Well, I have purchased 5 sets from him a month ago or so, and he still tells me that there is no stock.

Confirmed with Nealsgadgets and he can’t source me any. Any idea where I can get some?

Maybe ask Lumintop directly with their email or on Aliexpress?

I have the MF04S which is very similar in size. I use this bag https://www.amazon.ca/Protector-Plus-Tactical-Tear-resistant-Including/dp/B01BSNGSNA

It’s quite thick though not padded but does come with several pockets, straps. Overall I’m very satisfied with the construction. It’s thick enough that it satisfactorily dampens the clunk when you set the light down on a hard surface.

Thanks for the post on the bag.

Any ideas on where to find battery carriers?

They’re available at NealsGadgets under the GT70 conversion kit.

I got sorted directly with Lumintop thanks