If anyone has one for sale that doesn’t want/need please PM or email me at catfish1993@hotmail.com

Pm sent


Payment sent. We’re you able to get the light shipped?

Hope you didn’t send him payment by Friends and Family…

FS: Eagle eye X6 heatsinks ($4-7)

scammed a bunch of us a while back.

Wow hope DIPSTIX didn’t get ripped

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To make a long story short… Paypal does not reimburse lost or missing shipments for payments made with their “friends and family” system. I was lucky as I had sent my money via the PP commercial sales system.

I hope your purchase arrives in a timely manner.

He is still here?
Seems like a note to sb is in order?

We connected via text. He said he shipped the light. Payment was not sent via friends and family.

Are you sure you weren't catfish'd?

I had him send me a picture of the item. I texted asking for the tracking number. We will see what happens.

Another person on here whom I have bought from several times epitomizes how the process should go with a upfront seller. The tracking number comes by PM, without asking, the day of the shipment. Within a short time, only a day or so within the US, the tracking number should show on the shippers site. I hope you are provided with said tracking number within the next 24 hours; there really is no good excuse for not doing so, if the package has been shipped. Best of luck.

I mean after a picture and emails regarding the light and his post count I want to believe he is a reputiple human being. Without a tracking number Im still weary though.


He was on the list for 2.

From the list:
nitro [770 770] 1 1 0

hope all goes well

I hope you let us know if the light does arrive. You have shared your doubts. Please also share your relief.
So he can remain a reputible human being for the rest of us.

I’ve bought a few things from Nitro with no problems. I even won a giveaway driver from him.

Today I did receive the BLF GT in the mail. Holy crap. This thing doesn’t come with a lanyard? Lol. Thank you everyone for your support and concern.
It really is cartoonishly big, I don’t even know how much use I can get out of it. Challenge accepted!

Glad to hear you got the light!!
But did you ever get the tracking number sent to you?