I’m hoping to upgrade my BLF GT with GT-FC40.

Contacted lumintop, asked to buy BLF GT70 mcpcb. I got a response “how many” and when I said “one, but I’d start a thread on BLF to reach a higher number if you tell me how many would make it worth your while”.

That got me ignored, so here we are.

Between my quickly antiquated BLF GT, and my SD75 with output way underspec that also destroys batteries with parasitic drain, Lumintop is almost on my nope list.

Rant over…if anyone has a MCPCB they’d like to sell, or can point me to a substitute, I’d appreciate it.

I found this, http://kaidomain.com/S028575-32mm-x-1_6mm-DTP-Copper-MCPCB-for-Cree-XM-L-or-5050-LEDs

I suppose I could use a jumper and go to xhp50.3 when I can get one.

This was the biggest 6 volt XHP 70.2 / XHP70 MCPCB I could find last year, 35mm diameter.

Awesome, THANKS. Was it for a BLF GT? I don’t recall the stock PCB diameter.

I guess I’d have to add a jumper, but that seems easy enough.

No, it is not the stock one. The light may need some modding to fit it in. I do not own a GT, maybe PM Texas Ace for accurate info. HERE

Just don’t give up. That mod makes it awesome !!
Tom E lives near you, PM him too, they have connections. Here

Haha, I never give up, but I do procrastinate.

I haven’t seen anyone try it, but if it’s not wide enough, maybe I’ll jb weld over the solder joints instead of capton tape.

Now that I have better throwers, I’d really like a lot more output. Might even go w/ xhp70. I don’t have one and hear too much about tint shift so maybe not. High CRI might help me distinguish where to land my boat.

I want a medium range (100 to 300m) light with a big hotspot and a lots of lumens, but turbo can be 10 seconds on, 20 seconds off duty cycle for my use case, and really just 2-10 minutes total.

I think I’ve read the original mcpcb is a bit over 2mm. Seems like an oring up front or spacer on the pcb could resolve fit issues, but maybe not focus? I have copper sheet, but I think adding that under pcb would make too many low thermal interfaces for my desired output.

I have all 3 conversion kits, but I’m sure shipping would be too high from New Zealand.

I purchased the original and then got the XHP70.2, then the SBT90.2 which is what will remain in it

You’re probably right, but how much is shipping?

I have no idea about NZ, could be a lot, but I don’t expect you to pay it…

No idea, I’d need to check. Prices have increased since all this Covid nonsense.

Best to get Tom E to sort something, maybe

I can check shipping cost.

I would be happy to relieve you of some old stock if I can compensate you properly, and I don’t throw too much good money after bad…