WTB: BLF Tank007, BLF Thrunite Saber 1A, older BLF CQG lights, etc.

I'm hoping to find a few of the older BLF Special Edition lights this forum produced in years past, before my time here. I'd like to have a BLF Tank007, BLF Thrunite Saber 1A, a BLF AA-Y4E, the CQG BLF penlights, maybe a BLF A8 or the BLF Starry Light. Really anything you've got from the "early years". I'm not expected shelf queens, although I'd be very happy with that. But I would like fairly clean lights with minimal wear in good working order. I'm willing to entertain any offer and will make it worth your time.

So what'cha got, old timers? Sell it to me so you can buy something new!

Pm sent

PM sent.

Alright, found an A8 and a Starry Light. Anybody with that BLF Tank007 they want to sell?

Hey Mark, I also have a Reylight Ti with extra tube, clip, and trits that I’ll have to live without. It’s unbuilt except for a change in the switch to an omten mini and spacers to make that work. It comes with two copper pills, one for a triple and one for a single emitter and I can build up either, both, or neither. I have lots of different emitters and can get any I don’t have.

Aw man, I appreciate the offer and would’ve taken you up on it, but I ordered one directly from Rey about a week ago. Its already shipped. I don’t need (and can’t really afford) two, but I definitely would’ve bought yours to avoid the long shipping. Sorry! But thanks for the offer.

Bump for the afternoon crowd. Surely somebody’s got a BLF Tank007 that’s not getting much love lately…

Once more bump today, hope I’m not breaking some rule…

Bumping this very old WTB thread of mine since I never found some of this stuff. All these great BLF projects going on right now make me want to fill out my BLF “collection” a bit more… :smiley:

I have the BLF A8 and I love that light, my favorite 26650 tube light!

Yup, the BLF A8 was one of the best BLF specials ever done. It still holds up well today, 5ish years later.

Bump. Come on, clean those old drawers out and sell me your unused blf lights. I’ll make it worth your time.

Bump again. Where all the old-timer’s at? :slight_smile:

TTT. Come on, someone’s got a BLF Tank007 or BLF Thrunite Saber they don’t want anymore. I promise I won’t try to lowball you. Let me make it worth your time. :slight_smile:

Bumping this again. Still looking.

Been a while, so here’s another bump. Come on folks! :smiley: