WTB Foursevens

looking for 4sevens

P0 P1 P2 Atom Quark Preon Mini Maelstorm
Titanium Brass Copper Steel Alu
Polished Sandblasted
Any gen

PM your lights.


Pm sent

You can preorder the Mini and Preon now at a 20% discount


I’m selling a black Foursevens Preon P2 that has a good pocket clip and a blue flat tailcap switch installed (no clicky). The emiter is from an earlier Preon 2 and is a Neutral White XP-G (note: it has a little wear with some minor dings around the bezel and a small dent on the side of the emiter head but is in good working order). Includes spare o-rings and user manual. $25 plus shipping.

Also have a 4Sevens Malestrom S12 with the SST-90 emitter with only minor dings to the anodizing. Comes with a good 4000Mah battery and spare o-rings. $50 plus shipping. Let me know if you’re interested.