WTB Jeatbeam TCR-1

If you have a Jeatbeam TCR-1 you would like to sell or know of someone that would be wiling to sell, please contact me.
Prefer one in good condition, but can be a non working light as long as it’s not been abused. Thanks :+1: .

Good luck with your search. TCR-01 is a lovely light. My favorite of all the magnetic ring lights.

Would you want to sell it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. I love my TCR-01. Not for sale. :weary:

How about this link:


note says: one pc left…

(also looks nice IMHO)

Just don’t give up, when I bought mine, NOS, the seller said it was a underwhelming torch that sat in his office desk since 2012. He had forgotten about it until his recent retirement. Got it at a extremely fair price too. I made well over 75 inquiries to locate one. And,it was located through a forum where flashlights are not really the main topic.
The TCR-1 is well worth the search and all of the ” no’s ” received from asking and looking around. It’s in my pocket everyday.
Good luck on your search :+1:

fwiw, the
TCE-1 has a sideswitch, different than
TCR-1 with infinite magnetic ring, also different is the
TCR-10, no infinite magnetic ring

Reading this thread motivated me to shine up my TCR-01 last night with Blue Magic metal polish. Soooo prettttty! :heart_eyes:

you rubbed Aussie kerosene, ammonia, fatty acids, and aluminium all over your TCR-1

pics please!:wink:

Thanks for all the encouraging words, it’s really the only light I want right now, hoping one will pop up for sale somewhere.

I have looked at that one a few times but it has modes and not the variable control ring.
It be a nice light to own but I got my heart set on a TCR-1.

Still looking to buy one if anyone has one they want to sell. :cry: