WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion]

From Vinh!
RRT01 with XHP50.2 (5500K) & Diffused lens & Zircon Filter

Wow, little beast this thing is. I like mine but,the tint shift is crazy. This seems to be what I’m looking for.

I’m having trouble finding any Vapcell 16340s?

Has anyone measured the reflector in a few spots to try to find a replacement on kaidomain/aliexpress? When I had mine open I forgot to do it :person_facepalming:

Eye10 mod w triple 219b 3500k 9080 arrived :slight_smile:

the hotspot of the triple is more than twice as large as the single emitter

and it takes more than twice as many lumens from the triple, to get similar illumination on a target
so I would say the throw of the triple is about half that of the single

but I have no way to measure throw, Im only guesstimating, based on the test posted here:

Please vote in this poll about single LED and triple LED High CRI options for Old and New RRT-01:

and share your thoughts and preferences

And a poll about pocket clip length

I found a shorter clip in one of my boxes from some older model Jetbeam and installed it. Aesthetically, it looks identical, but is much shorter. It fully clears the ring.

  • The new clip feels somewhat flimsier than the original clip. Not as good as the longer clip if you use the clip to actually hold the light to your belt or pocket.
  • As an anti-roll device the shorter clip is much better. It doesn’t interfere with the ring action. Since that’s pretty much all I ever use a clip for if I leave it installed, I prefer the shorter clip in this light.

I replied in the clip poll thread

I have a flat top 18350 and at first tried a 1x3mm magnet to get the contact to work on the RRT-01… but it was troublesome because while the brass contact point matches it, there’s open space around it so the magnet can slide off target while screwing the body together. I just got 1x5mm magnets and yes, this works really well now. I didn’t want to bother with applying solder to the battery, given how long it takes for me to drain the cell on this light (it’s not my EDC).

Some other options

  • Apply a bit of solder to the center post at the top of the battery compartment.
  • Remove the Driver retaining ring at the top of the battery compartment and use an x-acto knife to carve down the plastic cover to expose the post.

Note that either of these solutions remove the phyiscal reverse polarity protection. Make sure to always double-check you are putting your cells in the correction direction.

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t want to make a permanent solution. The 1mm x 5mm magnet is excellent. It’s just thick enough to make contact, but thin and wide enough so as to not slide off contact.

Glad you found a solution.

For what it’s worth the 1200 mA hour keeppower 18350 is back in stock

It works without a magnet

That’s what I’m using in mine right now. Works great.

I’ve had issue with the magnet solution in mine… it’s to be expected though, si on the positive since it’s a magnetic control ring !
I had some bumps from low to higher levels, with sometimes no light at all until half of the course…
Anyway, solder blob resolved that issue

You can put a tiny blob of solder on the brass contact of the driver, it’s permanent but reversible as you can remove it later with your soldering iron. Mine doesn’t need it, my flat top battery is protruding enough to make contact.

Received mine. Had to put a soft solder blob to use my with Vapcell 18350 1100mah. Not to impressed so far, prefer the old model styling. But the built quality s very good, I like the driver retainer ring, best I’ve seen. Clip is good, rather on the soft side but easier to use this way.
Measured only put out 770lm OTF lumens. Still running several runtime test now. So far, so bad…


I’ve tried the Jetbeam USB 16340 that they put in the box… only 2,6A and 680 lumens :frowning:
Then I tried my 1200mAh KP 18350, the current jumped to 3,6A and the output to 920 lumens

Even 770lm is too much in my opinion. Should be 500lm or less for such battery option


Bye bye my purple stubby :cry: