WTB: Kronos X5 Aluminum version

Want to buy the Kronos X5 Al version in new condition. Would prefer the 3B tint but would probably the 1A tint as well.


I have a set but ,you may be better getting the astolux versions.but i would sell a set for gb price +post . have both tints tested and put away for xmas presents but if it helps.

just had a look at the aus post site ,if I read it correctly its 15.85 for( economy air) post,4.99 signature and about 9 for insurance,(aud)

I would guess you may find someone stateside they part with one but if stuck let me no

Thank you Sir! I prefer the BLF set mostly because I am concerned about the quality of the Astrolux versions. Seems they sometimes cut corners in production. I will keep you in mind if I can’t find anyone in the US. Are you sure you want to sell though? I don’t want to take away someone’s Christmas present :slight_smile:


I think both from a quality standpoint would be about the same. My X5 had a driver cavity that was to deep and the retainer ring would fall below the threads. I had to add a homemade spacer to allow it to tighten up!

I have a 3B. PM sent.