WTB: led lenser 879137 battery cartridge.

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What is a 879137 battery cartridge?

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If I me be so bold to mention it, your first post leaves quite plenty of room for speculation.

So, you have inquired about a LED-Lenser battery cartridge, marketed under the somewhat silly name of “Energy-Tank” by the German Zweibrueder company whose torches are almost as much overpriced as those of $urefire LLC. (non-wage labour costs in Germany might be responsible for that, mostly; still, LED-Lenser lights are far from being budget-oriented).

Since you created a poll, we have to ask ourselves what you really want to imply. With your permission, I will list a couple of choices, below.

possible interpretations:

1) LED Lenser cell carriers, do you have any you keep as spares; if yes, did you buy them new from a distributor (impossible), or did you acquire them in used condition, elsewhere?

2) I am searching for a LED Lenser cell carrier because I need one for one reason or the other. Do you have any, new or used?

3) I am a collector of LED Lenser cell carriers. Are you, too? If so, do you prefer new ones or used ones?

4) LED Lenser cell carriers: do they age over time and use, will the plastic hold up over time, will internal resistance of the gold-plated contacts increase over time? Please feel free to share your thoughts about the pros and cons of both new and used battery holders!

5) LED Lenser cell carriers! Aren’t they just gorgeous (personal note - yus, they are, just not as trick as I want them to be with their icky switch. On the other hand, a simple resistor can’t be beat when it comes to the unhappy event of an EMP… if only you hadn’t to worry about the semiconductor diod which actually is responsible for emitting electromagnetic radiation of photons in the 380-740 nm range)? New or used, oh, why not have a poll while we’re at it?

anyways, great to have you here! Enjoy.

Definitely my favourite post of the day. :smiley:


That is the model number by the name on the side of the body, that is what i am assuming.

That is the model number by the name on the side of the body, that is what i am assuming.

How come your post count keeps reading zero, kinda weird. lol

Maybe polls are not included in that number. Shh.. Don't tell Kreishill. :D

Hmm, seems to be serial number, not model number. Model number should be right next to “led lenser” logo. Like P7, P4… Or you could search the model in Led lenser product page

Mine doesn’t have a part number