WTB: Noctigon Meteor M43vn Goldilocks

Hello, if anyone would like to sell his Noctigon M43vn goldilocks please send me a pm with an offer.


theres one for sale on cpf by dms1970. i think he’s here also

Unfortunately he already sold it but thanks for the tip :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe Vinh would be willing to make one for you if you supply the M43. Have you tried contacting him directly?

I have one in white and I love it. Basically no way to get another one of these. How badly do you want it? All unreasonable offers accepted. Did you read the part about how I love it?

Isn’t he still selling them for $240?

Yes he is. But 240$+ shipping is a little too steep for me.


I have bought a light from this guy before and he is good to go