[WTB] Olight UC Magnetic USB Charger (EU)

Looking for the UC - UNIVERSAL magnetic Charger for NiCd an Li from Olight. Please PM…thanks

typo alert, its actually for NiMh (Eneloop), and LiIon, not NiCd

I hope you find one. I have been using one for many years and am really happy with it.

fwiw, although Olight discontinued the product, Darksucks bought a large number of them, and had Olight put the 47’s logo on it. They now call it the Flex Charger

Still the same charger. I dont know if you can buy it anywhere in Europe.

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Yes you are right, I meant NiMh.
I looked for the 47 version too but nothing in Europe. It’s a pity it’s discontinued because with this very portable charger you can go everywhere with no worries for recharge all the batteries stuff .
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Amazing. I paid $10 including shipping for the original Olight one. Now 47 just put a logo on it and want more than double the money + shipping.

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Are you offering to sell one to Sinthemau for that price? :wink:

Most definitely, if I had a few of them. I might even send one for postage only. Unfortunately I only have 1 :frowning_face: and I keep it in my work bag. :grin:

There is a chinese version of this on Aliexpress I think is called UC10 for much cheaper. It only does Li-Ion but can do reverse charging.

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Great!!! I would accept very happy :-)))

I’ve seen the Chinese version but pity it’s only for Lithium…