WTB Oliight copper i1r2 eos from Ofan Day

Willing to buy at reasonable price - NOT $400+, not even $100 plus. This is to keep my copper Olight collection complete - not to make some scalper who got something for nothing rich:(

Not to derail but which light are you referring to? Looking online I see an i1r but not an i1r2 and not one in copper.

It is a limited edition available only to those who were able to attend a special event that Olight had. So those of us with copper Olight collections who couldn’t travel to the event are left out in the cold by Olight.

Can I see any pictures of this light please?

Don’t know how to post pictures here, but you can see them it in the Olight Facebook page

can you send me the link to the picture please? I don’t have Facebook!

Good Luck with your search…


Thank you sir.

I am PM’ing thru FB with the individual with that very E-bay offering……

This really belongs in the Want to Buy subforum.

one at ebay now… so greedy of olight making 200 units only for their so called fans that showed up at their event…. lame lame lame its funny that they aim a light for 1% of their profit sales users that showed up or… hmm…. wonder what olight PR are smoking over there? :person_facepalming:

this move is just a slap in the face for all olight collectors over the years and will leave alot of empty handed…

BTW I have a NIB, vacuum sealed S1 Baton CU I will trade for the i1R 2 EOS CU.