WTB or possibly trade for BLF A8

I recently got a hold of a UF-2200 and really like that light. The A8 looks to be closer to a tube light, which seems to me to maybe give a little more spill and I really like tube lights.

So, is anyone out there willing to turn loose of one reasonably? I see that the A8 is still forsale in spots, but would then need a driver, no blinkies and memory, and LED upgrade to XM-L2 2C'ish. And I am not sure that the design has not changed, they may be old left overs... but not sure.

Possible trades? Jetbeam BR10 with mount or an Xtar B20 Pilot with box. Or, shoot me a price.

Thanks Matt

Being a 26650 tube light the BLF A8 actually has a decline reflector and tight spot. It’s still available though not with the BLF moniker.

For a BLF A8 before I order a generic and work it over...

plz do a thread on it when you do
it would be a good host for that new boost driver and xhp-50

I do not have any lights with the big emitters, and really want to try something with one. A recent purchase of a UF-2200 has really driven me to want one of these.