Wtb: p60 drop ins and AA Zebralight

Looking for a p60 drop in, preferably warm to neutral, high cri, throwy. Also looking for a AA Zebralight.

What is your budget on the P60 and what battery setup do you plan to use? Even a economic KDLITKER from KD with something like an SST-20 would be reasonably throwy. I’ve built a few different ones and those SST-20s really give a fairly tight beam in a D26 reflector. Malkoff, Lumens Factory and Oveready might be some nicer options but none are particularly throwy.

Fairly open on budget, would expect to pay a premium for a custom. I have some sst-20 lights, no complaints, just figured I would see what’s out there

If you are in ConUS, you can check out Sportac drop-ins. These are made by EagTac (China).

Eagtac’s main store is at AliExpress.

I have one XHP35 2-mode (power) drop-in. It needs a higher-draw battery.

Not sure on OP’s preference but I’ve never got into the Sportac units since they are all mode memory (and for single modes I generally stick with Malkoff). I do have one of their headlights which is maybe a bit dated on the UI but otherwise pretty nice.

I’m using a XHP50.2 (3V version) on a p60 drop in. It’s got a decent spread but is also bright enough to throw a decent distance. The 3V XHP50.2 is only made in around 6500k and certainly doesn’t fit your CRI requirements.

I can compare it to an SST20 (4000k high CRI) I’ve got in a different flashlight once it’s dark here.

You could make your own drop in- the drop in parts (pill, reflector, spring etc.) are dirt cheap on AliExpress. They use 20mm LED board and 17mm drivers.

Kaidomain do sell some multi emitter P60 drop ins too. There’s a quad SST20 with a choice of colour temps and CRI. http://kaidomain.com/Kdlitker-lights/KDLITKER-Quad-Luminus-SST-20-1400-Lumens-High-Power-LED-Drop-in-Module . Also a triple XPL HI available in warm to neutral http://kaidomain.com/Kdlitker-lights/KDLITKER-Triple-Cree-XP-L-HI-2000-Lumens-High-Power-LED-Drop-in-Module

Comparison (in the rain) of the XHP50.2 P60 drop in and a KDIY K12 fitted with the SST20 4000k CRI 95. The XHP50.2 drop in is off AliExpress, it failed and I found the negative wire to the LED had detached from the driver so resoldered it. Then I discovered the driver was only working in high, so I replaced it with a 5000mA Convoy 12 mode driver.

SST20 is the top photo- noting it’s not a P60 drop in. Both are frames from a video- I’d locked the phone’s shutter speed, white balance and ISO. Hopefully that has given a true representation of the distance they both will light up. The palm tree is around 45m away, the large tree behind it 60m.

The Osram P60 drop in this review might be a better option if throw is the main priority. Review & Beamshots: KDLITKER E6 21700 (w Orange Peel CSLNM1 P60 Module!)