WTB: P60 parts.

I am in need of a couple of tailcaps that are SolarForce compatible and have decent switches or that can be converted to board mounted Omten switchs.

If interested, I do have a few SolarForce standard tailcaps, not standable, that I could sweeten the deal with.

I would consider other brands as well, but must tail stand. I would also consider complete hosts from SolarForce or other makers depending upon price.

Thanks Matt

What’s these worth to you

PM sent.

PM sent.

hi, interested on this, thanks

Please feel free to contact chops728 as I did not purchase his units. I am looking for users more than collectors, although I would love one of the L2X’s!

was trying to contact user p91 as well, also i think i got some extra tc and heads i believed.

Hello sir,

Is the all silver color SolarForce with silver A001 Head Titanium? If so how much will you sell it for? I will be waiting for your reply.

Thank you,

I’ve decided not to sell any of these Solar Force host at this time — Thanks