WTB Romisen RC-29 in the US or Sipik SK68

Anyone have a spare or knows where to buy in the US? I have seen the Shining Beam version, but I want to use 14500’s.

Thank you

sorry dear friend that some of us trolled your sales thread back then :~

LOL…Kreisler…yeh,seems everybody wanted it for nuttin’….that’s why I’ve kind of hesitated to sell on this “Budget” Forum…. :smiley:

Well i just missed one for $10, but that wasn’t brand new. Pm me with what you want for yours.

I was using my Sipik 68 clone just last night. I am ALWAYS amazed at this light. I have purchased many of these, some under $6 before. On a 14500 battery this light is absolutely incredible. It has an amazing FLOOD and the throw, well, I can’t say enuf. This is like a search and rescue light, but for under $10 with battery? In my opinion, the most bang for your dollar, bar none!

I’d like to see one in person, so if want to get rid of one let me know your terms.

the sipik originao is brighter because it draws more current but the RC-29 is better regulated which i appreciate a lot.

i am definitely keeping my SK68 originao and RC-29 :D

that the shipping cost is almost the same price as a new one, so there isn’t much of a pre-owned market for buyers or sellers. they are readily available new for $7, at tmart for example, and as others have said, can be found even cheaper. usps flat rate priority mail is around $5, so….

but everyone should have one or both of these.

Yes, understood… i just hate waiting for overseas shipping. I want it now :beer:

ships from the us, and it should arrive in around 3 days. it is also one of the many variations that everyone likes a lot. i’m not sure where Sea-Town is, but i bet if you order one today you’ll have it by monday at the latest.

Sipik 68. Yep, last year they could be had for less than $6 a piece to the door.
Picked up 11 of em. Don’t call me lumatic… :smiley: Great light. Best Bang 4 Buck by all means. People are really impresed by their performance to price ratio.

heres a link to tmart and both ship from the US warehouse and there is no China Holiday delay

LINK SK68 clone

very good sir, thanks for the link.