WTB S2+ 18350, Lumintop Tool AA 2.0

Looking for an S2+ with a short body tube to mod. Or your unused Tool AA 2.0.

Let me know if you’ve got one you’d like to part with!

You can get brand new Tools on amazon for like $20. Doubt you’ll find one cheaper.

Good point.

You sure you don’t have a box of em lying around somewhere?

Nope, the three I have get regular use lol.

I was going to say as well. I have S2+ lights with short and long tubes, Tool AA’s with all emitter choices but, they are cheaper to buy new than they would be for me to sell and ship them to you. I mean if you have to have them then I got S2+’s in all colors and a Tool AA with Nichia. You are paying shipping and PP fees though.

I appreciate the sensible advice, y’all.

I suppose I would really like to buy three S2+ with matching short tubes. I can’t find the hosts and matching short tubes easily.

For a Tool AA 2.0 I get the cheapness factor as well making it pointless to ship. But I’d buy a few of those as well if you’d be sling me some S2+’s too!

I also just found this host on Kaidomain while looking around and it looks like a Tool AA 2.0 host, or pretty damn close. Didn’t know that existed… EDIT: Can’t get the link to work for some reason.

Okay then. I have 3 S2+’s I’ll sell ya. Orange, teal?, and grey. all three with 18650 and 18350 tubes. I’ll throw in a Tool AA V2. $60 you pay shipping, FF or you pay fees. I’ll box them up right now.

All S2+’s have biscotti drivers, two are 8 chipper and one is a 4 chipper. Two have Nichia 219c’s and one has SST-20. All three in 4000K.

Would you sell the teal and grey S2+s with tubes and the tool AA v2 for $45 including shipping and G&S fees?

AliExpress has them for around 13€-15€.
On sale I’ve seen then lower than 13€!
Black versions mostly,but also white.
€ 12,76 27%OFF | LUMINTOP EDC Mini Flashlight Tool AA 2.0 4 Outputs with Memory with Strobe Max 127meters Distance Max 650 Lumens for camping

Thank you that’s perfect!

I would but, I can’t steal your money like that. You will save tons buying it from Simon or elsewhere. The downside is, waiting on shipping.

I might, might, have some Utorch copies. Can’t promise you I still have them. I will have to search for them if you’d like them. They make great host and all then normal parts fit them. They just say Utorch on the side instead of Convoy.

Ha, you’re very kind. I will wait patiently for AliExpress shipments and save some money.

Is there a preferred way of getting in touch with Simon to ask him questions? On the sites (AliExpress, BangGood, etc.) I can’t seem to find options for different colors of 18650/18350 matching color bodies for S2+ hosts.

Thanks again!

His shop, the official Convoy shop is on Ali. Sending him a message on Ali has worked for me in the past. He seems fairly quick at getting back to you as long as there isn’t a holiday going on. He has even got back to me on a weekend though I’m not sure if that is normal. I might have just caught him at a good time. He is a good guy and will take care of whatever you need, within reason of course. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!

I’ll find a way to give you my money some other time. I do appreciate the advice.

LINK to his official store. He has them all there. I found them rather quickly. Tons of other shops on Ali selling convoy. This is his official store.

Thank you. I’ll figure this “internet” thing out eventually…

LINK 18350 tubes from Convoy store.