WTB Sanrenmu GB-702

Anyone have one of these??

This guy has some and he’s a good supplier.

This is even better. And the price is good too.

Basically the same knife… Except the one I purchased today has gold accents… Got it for $9.50

The G702 and the 1602 the gold ring isn't the only difference. The G702 has a gold thumbpin with a nicer design as the 1602 and the 1602 does not have a clip.

+1 Danke

Interesting looking wharncliffe blade there. Must. Resist. Temptation.

If you want a knife that’s been checked and guaranteed to be in perfect condition try SrJoben he customizes them as well, he’s a great guy to order from, quick to respond to emails and he’s into the knives as well as selling them. The link is to his web page but he also sells on ebay. He’s on YouTube as SrJoben.

EDIT……He’s a U.S.A. Based seller so if it’s in stock there’s no weeks of waiting.

+1 Great guy… Great custom work.

Thanks!! Although I’m not looking for custom work. I have drawers full of knives ( along with many customs , Dad use to build them ). I like the cheapies for two reasons. If I break one I don’t sit down & cry. I’m inherently rough on em. They make great gifts…