WTB: Small aspherical lenses. Sub 18mm

Hey all,

If anyone has in hand or has a source for some good usable aspherics that are under 18mm I could use some :) Preferably with a short focal length that cast a crisp die image.


There is a 17.5D x 15fl DCX at surplusshed
You can try Melles Griot and Anchor Optics

Thanks Alex. I am not familiar with use of a DCX, is this going to give a similar laser like beam and crisp die image like an aspherical?

I should have some, I can look. I never use them. As to good, I can't really say, but you can have them, if I can find them.

Sorry Comfychair but...

Edit: I have some glass aspheric lenses. They are 13mm and 15mm. The domes would measure about 11mm and 13mm in diameter. You can have them if you give me your shipping info. I think I have 4 of each. I sent you a PM (VB).


Cheap? Or good?

I just bought a 75mm aspheric from Edmunds (but they do them in the sizes you're after): http://www.thorlabs.hk/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=3835

Granted they're not the cheapest in the world but I expect the quality to be high and the focal lengths are very short compared to your cheap DX/KD/CNCQ lenses. (50mm FL on a 75mm lens? That's gonna capture a lot of light!)

There's also Thorlabs: http://www.thorlabs.hk/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=3835

If you order from Edmund's they give you a 10% discount code after your first order. I don't plan on ordering again so PM me if you want my code. May not work but cannot hurt to try.

- Matt

I have some that are 12.6 mm OD w/ a 12mm lens. Pretty short focal length as I put one in a Solitaire. Same one Justin used I think.

I think for now I will try out the ones OL is sending me and go from there. If they dont work out I will check back.

Thanks also to you guys, AlexGt, Mattus, nofearek9, and Rufusbdcuk. I knew I could count on this group to help.

Got em a few days ago. First impression is that these should do the trick. The 15mm look about right. It may be a little bit before I get to the project, but we shall see. Thank you again Old-Lumens.